Met the girl of my dreams today

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    Click the pic and watch. :)
  2. Only if she offers!

    Remember, the purpose of the 1st day is to get 2nd, 3rd, 4th (so forth and so on) dates......................which would eventually lead to............:shrug:

    geez, who am I kidding?:nonono: I'm the LAST one who should be giving dating tips........
  3. I guess we will see how the movie goes tonight.
  4. Be a gent, make a good impression. Remember, you do want to continue doing homework together, eh?

  5. Sage advice, Cheepie! Think long term, after all she's a "Mustang Girl!"
  6. You all would be proud, I kept my hands off of her last night, we had a good time, and i am sitting right next to her right now in database. :rolleyes:
  7. So what's the next move? All of us old married guys are living vicariously through you :D :D :D

    Nothing like the thrill of the chase :nice:
  8. Has she seen this thread yet?
  9. wouldnt that be funny if she had?lol

  10. And un-married!:lol:
  11. I dont exactly know what the next move is, I might just ask her out on another date. As for her seeing the thread, i dont think she has............. I would be kinda funny if she had.
  12. I can see it now......... two mustangs parked in a garage........... wait, thats my house............ well I have high hopes for you. Just remember, a 2 1/2 or three car garage is better than a 2.
  13. I married a Mustang girl (she drives the '67 vert) move I ever made :D
  14. Hope she doesnt surf stangnet haha
  15. I call shenanigans... :banana:

  16. Come on man, we must have updates!
  17. Did ya PIITB yet?
  18. Ok its updates they ask for so that is what they will get. She went to kansas city over the weekend, so i was not able to go out with her then, when she came back she saw my sea-doo hooked up to my truck, and she got all excited about going out on that sometime, unfortunatly its going to be cold out this weekend so we wont be able to go, however i am going to ask her out for dinner. She said that she loves food that is grilled mainly steak. So i think we will go to texas road house in my mustang, and have a nice dinner. Gotta admit kinda nervous about parking my mustang in a parking lot and leaving it unattened, but the way i see it, people park lambos and jags in that parking lot nobody will want to mess with a 40 year old car. I just hope that she doesnt already have plans. Pictures well i will have to take one with my camera phone, so they wont be that great of quality. But i will see what i can do. You know when you get a great deal on something and imediatly think " Ok whats wrong with it. " Thats the boat i am in right now, why is a fox like that single, and why does she go out with me? :shrug: