Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. :eek:
  2. Man - what i'd give to be 20'ish again. Although, I could trade the wife in on 2 20's - I'm afraid of the Drama Llama :eek:

    She looks like alot of fun. Just don't play the *drool all over her * card. She'll run like a scalded duck.

  3. *heheheheh* :D How so?
  4. Yea I love being in my 20's the only thing that sucks is being poor :bang: I will have to get another picture of her for you all to look at, lord knows you old guys need some excitement :nice: I can however assure you that I have......... Examined her neck and throat area closely found nothing out of place :rolleyes:
  5. Little Update: This Sunday i went over to her apartment and we studied for our test in database, then we watched TV, this Thursday we are going out to eat for dinner at 5, its supposed to be 87 degrees out so i think i will take the cover off the old stang and we will take it. Its a big improvement over the little ranger.
  6. Have fun, smile, be a gent! So far, so good!
  7. Yay! Good job on investigating the throat area, now your mission is to change the area of interest. Keep up the good work :D

  8. LOL :nice: :hail2:

    Time to focus on the southern states :SNSign:
  9. Nice :nice: She is a very pretty girl.

    Congrats on the fact that she's not a dude named Lola (that's for us old rockers). :rlaugh:
  10. ""

    Great--now I have the lyrics...

    [I]"...she drinks champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola..."[/I]

    stuck in my head!!!!


    Good thing it's a good song, or I'd be p*****d! :rolleyes:
  11. Car-
    Love the avatar... :nice:

    I had that song stuck in my head for 3 hours after I said that.

    Ok, it's Friday time to take her some place nice... and good luck.
  12. Yea I want to take her out again, but I don't really know where to take her. I'm in database right now with her and I cant stop thinking about how beautiful she is :drool: How am I supposed to get any work done :bang:
  13. I still struggle with that even after over 10 years of marriage and 13 years of being together, if you figure it out please let me know. :D

    Granted I also get a nice kiss in the mornings to tide me over.
  14. Food always works. Don't let your brain rush ahead!

    (geez, I'm dating myself, and here I am giving out advice! Is her Mom single?)
  15. Thanks on the avatar. Once I saw it, it was a no-brainer.
  16. I'd do her.
  17. Her or the avatar? :)
  18. :lol: I was referring to the avatar. If it applied to her as well, I probably wouldn't care. She's friggin' amazing! :hail2: :hail2:
  19. Update from the weekend please...:D