Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. I think i am going to ask her out again tomorrow, hopefully she doesn’t already have plans, I will let her pick the place. If the weather holds up i will get out little red.
  2. Follow this advice

    Everyone is giving you great advice here on page five. I have been reading and wasn't going to put my dog in this fight. The advice you getting here lately seems very sound for a long and meaningful relationship and it sounds like that is what you after. 15 years and a few months ago my wife and I drove away from our wedding in a 65 convertible. Felt luckey to have the girl and the car then still do today. That type of relationship won't happen if you think or follow advice to think only with the little head. Give it time move slow.

  3. Also to add to this great advice in this thread, whatever you say about her without her around will translate eventually to how you act when you are with her. If you are respectful towards her in conversation, you'll be respectful with her, if you're a dick towards her in conversation, you'll be alone fairly quickly. If she truly is the Stangette of your dreams, treat her that way and when the time comes tell her. And if she accepts your beer chugging, fart lighting buddies, then you better think seriously about keeping her around for a long time, especially if she wins the belching contest. :rlaugh:

    If they ask about your sex life with her, "Did you PITTB yet?" Be a gentleman, "You know that's a good question." and leave it at that.
  4. I don’t know about that, I still think that she is way out of my league. I still get nervous every time I go to pick her up to go on a date. She is just too perfect. Some of my friends saw us and they said we are perfect together.

  5. BDT--Whether you realize it or not, you just spoke volumes w/ those three sentences. My wife and I started dating ~7 years ago, and got married 4 years ago. When we met, I remember feeling the same way that you describe. I still wonder sometimes why in the world she puts up w/ a fool like me. All I can say is that I'm a lucky man. I hope that this continues to go well for you.

    On a lighter note, someone made a comment about her winning a belching contest, and hangin' w/ your fart-lighting buddies. That would be a sure sign of a keeper! :nice: And, dude, if she DOES win a belching contest--buy the ring!!! :hail2:
  6. Dang, you must really like her, you're repeating yourself. :D

    (Now if we just knew what board she was posting to about BDT..... :eek: )
  7. Good point! I need to go check out the S197 forums!!!! Maybe we can get HER to post a pic up there, SINCE BDT ISN'T UPDATING W/ ANY PICS!!!! :D
  8. If you find her let me know,

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  9. wow...

    "I wonder what's going to happen next?" *munch-munch-munch*(Synthetic popcorn munching sound) "Shhhh! I'm watching this unfold with great anticipation and trepidation, seeing if our young Mustang clad hero will truly woo this Mustang Siren, and ride off from the database class into the sunset... so please sir, hold your tongue so that I might be able to return to this lovely story unfolding before us"

    Ooops... :D It must be Friday and I must have access to a Thesaurus. :rlaugh:
  10. I found her--she won't stop hitting on me! She says that unrestored 68 coupes drive her crazy!!!! :D :D :D

    Nice pic!

    See that's all we need to keep us happy for a while!
  11. Well i will work on getting you another some time. I am sure she does love the 68, but she is in love with my lil 67 vert :p
  12. Um, just a word of advice, when you refer to anything you have, never preface it with lil or Little or anything referring to a small stature.. thank you, that is all. :rlaugh:

  13. Yeah, it doesn't even work when you're trying to downplay or trivialize something...

    "Umm, yeah, honey, I don't know what that is. But, don't worry. It's little."
    "Check out this little boil I have on my (insert body part of your choice)."
    "Sure, it might hurt just a little. But, if you love me, you'll do it." (By the way, that line never works!!!)
  14. Well i didnt take part in naming the car "lil red" My Mom and sister named it that, and the name kinda stuck. It doesnt feel right calling it anything else after all these years of calling it that.
  15. :lol: :lol: :rlaugh:
  16. Never??? Umm.... maybe it "never" works if you are asking the girl; but you can't tell me you have not caved for that line when she uses it on you!!!! :lol:

    At least it's worked on me for the last 25 years....... :nonono:
  17. :jaw:
  18. What??????? You never had a girl talk you into loading a 150+ pound antique desk into the back of a pickup - by yourself???
    Chase down (on foot) the horse she accidentally let loose?
    Go rescue her Rottweiler from a pack of possibly-rabid coyotes out by the horse pens?
    Sell the horses 'cause a baby was coming? Use your pickup for down-payment on her Pontiac; then continue to work on that POS Pontiac for 7-1/2 long years and multiple wounds/broken knuckles?

    "I know it's not fun, but we (she said "We" but she actually meant ME) really need to do it. Please?"
  19. Ain't been married twenty five years either................:shrug:
  20. We in marriage usually means Me or the Male half of we, unless of course it's about vacations to Bora-Bora, or some other tropical destination. :) That's the fun of being married.

    BUT!! We're not talking marriage yet for our lovely young couple here. :) At least not yet, not until she wins the belching contest... at which point, it's a done deal.