Metal In Oil Pan

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  1. my oil pump locked up in my 89 302 efi. It twisted the shaft. I took apart the pump and saw a piece of metal in it. There were three more pieces identical to it in the oil pan. I checked all the main bearings and rod bearings visually, dizzy gear, pulled the upper intake, took off valve covers, 1.6 rockers look good, nothing looked out of place, or worn. I do have a v2 sq supercharger on it. The metal pieces are all same consistency , like a watch battery, flat like a pancake on both sides, yet round like a pancake. The oil pump and shaft were stock. metal1.JPG metal3.JPG
  2. would anyone have any idea what this if from? Could have it been in the oil pan for many yrs? Shall i go ahead and put everything back together? I am out if ideas what to do at this point
  3. That is interesting. Not shards or flakes that would point to something catastrophic. I would replace the pump/shaft and if you have good pressure keep going. It almost looks like there was a one piece metal core gasket and those are from the bolt holes go.
  4. That could be possible. Ball bearings are not even shaped like that. It is pushing 540 hp stock bottom end with 114k. I like your suggestion
  5. I found the same looking metal in my oil pump when it locked up. I have a turbo on my fox. Have u figured where they came from? I'm wondering if the added power/pressure made them come loose from their original place. Any help/suggestions?????

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  6. Those look like the kind of press-fit plugs you'd find a spring behind. Like say a pressure relief spring. Is the pump intact, other than being locked up?
  7. Same thing I found in my 89 5.0 that locked my pump up and my everything I looked at looks fine
  8. Still have no idea what it is I pulled the motor put new distributor shaft and new pump and why it's out I'll be putting in the b303 cam from what I know of its a stock car and motor
  9. I only found 1 in my and it was actually locked up inside of my oil pump I don't think they can even fit through the pickup that's why I'm so confused on what it is
  10. I would email a few companies who make oil pumps and see if they recognize the pieces as part of their pumps.

  11. Oil filter from them stamping the filters maybe
  12. Clearly it is pieces from when the oil filter was stamped on the inside that screws onto the shaft?

    Not sure but sounds good...but it looks like slugs from the inner oil filter
  13. I can't imagine those pieces being part of the oil filter. I've seen the process for making filters and don't see that happening. The anti drain back silicone rubber sits against the housing and would not be able to be installed with any sort of foreign object in the way. the filters are built in multiple pieces and assembled after the fact. If you had metal pieces of the filter coming apart you would have much bigger problems than this!
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  14. If so I have no idea what they are from I'm putting my motor back together now hopefully it runs normal