Metal Rattling Sound

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  1. Well I printed out my copy of the TSB and they could all of the sudden magically look it up and ordered my separator plate. Too bad now it will be two weeks before they can get me in.

  2. I can officially say, that this IS the problem. I had my exhaust hanger support removed from another TSB to try to fix the problem. Two seconds of driving proved the dealer wrong.

    They found THIS TSB, and the tech suggested something other than dropping the trans. He removed the bolts on that sheild (the bottom two, I think), pried it open a bit with a screwdriver/pry bar, and threw some soft foam tape along the edge, and bolted it back up. They've done this on some trucks because they too, have the problem.

    The solution WORKED LIKE A CHARM! NO more buzz. No dropping your trans. Total time took him 13 minutes. And of course, no charge (for me, anyway).

    Go in there with this TSB and tell them the foam tape idea (or do it yourself.

    Good luck.
  3. My car had this problem too and I did the exact same thing with my car. You don't even need to bring it in to the dealer to do it. Just crawl under there and in a few minutes you can fix the problem.
  4. I have a rattle too, usually when under slight load in that RPM range. Dealer thought they fixed it, but it is still there. When I go back, I'll have to mention this TSB.
  5. But my question is: is there any longterm harm that could come from doing this ourselves and not having it replaced?
  6. anybody have any pictures or a better description of what i should be looking for? I would like to take care of this myself and avoid any problems that the dealership could have in removing the tranny.
  7. I don't believe there's any long-term harm that could come from fixing it yourself. I modified the original picture that was posted to show exactly where to unscrew and put tape. Unscrew the two screws the red arrows are pointing to and then but thick foam tape between the metal plate and the bell housing cover where the blue lines are. That should fix it.

  8. Thanks a bunch!
  9. haha, problem now is, installed the o/r H pipe at the same time as I fixed this today and I can't hear if it has stopped rattling or not. I will only have to assume that it did.
  10. I am out of warranty on my 05. Are TSB's still repaired at no cost?
  11. I would definitely just go the foam tape route with this one. There is nothing to it and from looking at it now, I cannot see how it could cause any future problems. It has to be the much better alternative to ripping out the transmission.
  12. I happened to use copper gasket stuff and it seems to be working well. just pried it apart a little and squirted a bit along the gap, let it set for a couple minutes and bolted it back up.
  13. I have this problem but my car is out of warranty. Will I still be able to get it fixed? Or do I have to pay? If I have t pay, is this expensive?

    Also, if I don't fix it, is there a possibility of problems in the future?
  14. THANK YOU for bringing up this thread!!!!

    I have the same sound on my '05 GT, and I was thinking it was exhaust / catalytic converter heat shield related. I'm gonna' get some foam tape and fix this ASAP....Its been driving me nuts.
  15. +1
  16. Did this job today.

    30mins start to finish
    used a bit of permatex.
    Fixed my mystery rattle!!!


  17. If you are still hearing the noise and you have an aftermarket axle back you might want to check where the hanger meets up near the trunk bottom. I had to take a ballpeen hammer and make some clearance so that i didnt have a rattle. Just food for thought. :shrug:
  18. Does this only happen above 2k RPMs? I have a tappign sound coming from that general area when my car is cold, but it also happens at idle.
  19. Anyone have this problem with an auto? I have a jingling noise that seems to be coming from that area and now I'm wondering if this could be it.
  20. Mine rattles and taps at idle too when it's cold. Apparently its normal, not much oil going around the valvetrain after sitting a while so it'll be a little noisier should go away once the car warms up. Also do not mistake injector pulses with a problem which can happen. My concern is that sometimes I hear what people describe past 4K rpm which makes me paranoid about pinging but between my noisy Hurst shifter and the fact the car is a Mustang I can't figure it out what the heck it is.