Metal Rattling Sound

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  1. Hi, I just bought an 07 GT and when the weather got cold a week or so later, I noticed the rattle untill it warmed up. I called the dealer and took it in. Just as my description was as close as yours, the mechanic guessed it was the sep plate so I took it in and they confirmed and had to order the part so it goes back in on Monday. I still have until Aug of 2013 on the warranty since I purchased a certified vehicle so it wont cost a dime. A couple of questions though, what do you think of these other guys sticking foam in there? Is it just because they have no warranty? Also, I just purchased a k&n cai and am wondering if it will void my warranty? Of course, I'll keep my original parts just in case. You had a great post, ( I just typed in the part# that was on the sheet that ford dealer gave me and it took me right to this forum and when I read your post, it was exactly the same thing I stated to ford(symptoms). I feel better now after reading your post, that kind of told me that the dealer mechanic knew of the problem. Thanks again
  2. Honestly I did the foam route because it was $2 and for me in the long run, I trust a piece of foam more than I do the dealership removing, replacing a part and replacing the transmission which I think they had down for 5-6 hours of labor. Why risk it? There isn't anything wrong, it just vibrates a little so it is easily fixed with some insulation.

    They can't void your warranty because of an aftermarket part unless that part took place in whatever failure occurred. So if your brakes lock up and they tell you too bad because you have a CAI, fight it. Now on the other hand if you blow something in the engine or tranny because of it, that isn't their problem.
  3. I've got a ROUSH with the ROUSH exhaust and have been noticing a rattle that sounded like it was coming from the drivers rear. As others have noted, I found that the hanger rod was shifting towards the rear and would rattle against the body from time to time. I suspected that was the cause but when I looked under the car there was about 1/2 clearance. What I found was that as the car warmed the exhaust system would slide back and forth just enough to rattle against the car. I trimmed that part down and it took care of the rattle.
  4. I too have a rattling sound very similair to engine ping, only it comes from the rear suspension somewhere and ONLY after a couple of races as I'm driving back to the pits ill hear it OR if I'm thrashing it around town ill start hearing it as I'm driving around...
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  5. haha ... coming from the driver's rear

    sorry, had to point that out :lol:
  6. :rlaugh: Good one!
  7. Any chance of getting the pic posted again or sent to me, I don't see it in this thread. Thanks
  8. Old topic I know but I am getting a very similar noise from my 05 GT automatic trans...anyone have any clue what this could be? Just assuming the noise is transmission related based off this its really hard for me to say. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Not sure if this issue has been resolved, but I had a similar problem on my '06 GT. I checked my exhaust and wasn't able to find any issues, until I smacked my passenger side axleback with a rubber mallet. Turns out, it had come just loose enough from the midpipe to rattle slightly when I revved the engine up to about 2,000 RPM, not not enough to feel loose from simply inspecting it. After further loosening it up, I was able to slightly shift the pipe on the exhaust hangers and tighten it, which eliminated the rattle.
  10. I had same sound at 2200 rpm could not find it anywhere even after reading advice from mustang form nothing stopped it. I just installed aluminum drive shaft and found the rattle.05to09 have two piece drive shaft the two center bracket bolts where only hand tight if that. Once stock drive shaft was out I could see where it had been moving around . New one installed NO MORE RATTEL ! Hope this helps someone else.