MGW 5-Spd Shifter for 3650 NIB

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by MRaburn, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Have had this on the shelf for a previous project, time for it to go.

    Will sell shipped for $130.

    1990-2004 Mustang SHORT THROW SHIFTER


    2004 Mustang Cobra Manual
    2004 Mustang GT Manual
    2004 Mustang Mach 1 Manual
    2003 Mustang Cobra Manual
    2003 Mustang GT Manual
    2003 Mustang Mach 1 Manual
    2002 Mustang Bullitt Manual
    2002 Mustang GT Manual
    2001 Mustang Cobra Manual
    2001 Mustang GT Manual

    * The Mustang GT in 2001 had both the T5/T-45 and 3650 Transmissions. Check your driver's door for a sticker and look under "TR" for a "K". If you have a "K" then you have the 3650 Transmission.
  2. Hey, is this still for sale?
  3. Yep I still have it.
  4. Just for double-checks, will this fit a 98 GT?
  5. Not if you have the stock transmission, this is for the 3650 that came out in 2001.
  6. How do they compare to a tri-ax?
  7. This is a top notch shifter and all I run in the cars I have.
  8. PM sent.
  9. Got it this morning... thanks!!
  10. Roger! You will like it for sure!
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Not open for further replies.