MGW shifter owners, are they worth it??

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  1. There are a lot of people that have switched to the MGW after other shifters. I haven't heard of one person switching back.

    That said, I love my Hurst and probably won't change. I like the positive feeling when I shift. Personally, if I wanted an exotic/luxury feeling, I would've bought a Bimmer or Elise.
  2. I had a Triax and like someone else said, it's the same as Pro50. It had to go. Loud, notchy, missing gears all the time. The design of the MGW shifter allows drivetrain twist without causing your shifts to bind and miss. If you set one next to all of the other top end shifter brands you can see how MGW's remote beam mounts are far superior to the others. They have torsion devices that maintain a solid feel, but allow some twist. The fact that it also comes with an adjustable throw length, sound deadening materials, patented sound deadening shift handle design, fully adjustable knob positioning capability are just more icing on the cake. This thing has not been matched, period.

    DarkfireGT is right, I have yet to hear of a single MGW owner switch to another.
  3. I love my MGW. Never had another shifter, nor will I. The only way you can miss a gear with this shifter is if you are trying to.
  4. MGW

    MGW is King of shifters - period. :flag:
  5. I just finished installing my MGW shifter in my '06 GT, and it is absolutely worth every penny I paid, including the 2 day air delivery I paid extra for. From the quality of the shifter, to the installation instructions, to the customer service, MGW rates as one of the best (if not THE best) company I've dealt with when it comes to auto parts.

    I ordered the shifter this past Monday night, and Tuesday morning I got a call from them saying that shipment would be delayed due to a delay in one of the pieces... I explained that I'm in the USAF and I fly out for England on the 11th, with the car going to be crated up and shipped prior to that. That was the reasoning behind the 2 day air shipping. She understood immediately the time crunch I was in and said she'd do everything she could to get it out on Wednesday, and lo 'n behold, she did!

    I got the package yesterday, and reviewed the instructions last night. I had a Pro 5.0 shifter in my 2001 GT I traded in, and the instructions for that didn't come close in comparison to what MGW sent. The CD with the movies of the walk through install were by far the most valuable set of instructions I've ever received. I'm sure most everyone can concur that seeing it done, is by far a better tool than just reading text and having to imagine for yourself what they're talking about... I followed the written and video instructions to the "T" and WOW!!! It's truly amazing. Get a few more beers and me, and I might be feeling good enough to actually donate more money to them just for being such a truly wonderful company to deal with and own one of their parts.

    And now my book is done... :jaw: :nice: :flag:

    Now if only MGW had more than just shifters.... lol
  6. They do have more than just shifters. Check out their interior accessories. They are also the best you can buy. Anything chrome is triple chrome plated and never looks over done or too ''bling''.
  7. That's good to know that their quality continues over into their chroming, but I guess I should have worded that differently. I really was trying to say that, I feel their shifter is of such high quality, that I wish they did suspension or other functional pieces. I'm not all that big on chrome for the interior, which is why I probably didn't mention that.

    Either way, the shifter is truly magnificent!
  8. From what I hear, the owner, George mainly has government contracts with the Feds. I think he mainly makes precision parts for the dept of homeland security the United States Military. Mustangs, Vettes and Vipers are his passion and he's lucky enough to be able to get involved with that aftermarket. He said the government contracts must come first, then he has time for the car stuff. I see what you're saying though because this guy is a genious as far as I'm concerned.
  9. +1 on that video instruction. . that was awsome.