35th Anniv MIA lately

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I've been a little MIA lately, I was working a desk job 9-5 and that wasn't working out. So, I decided to change what type of job I was doing. So, I started selling cars. The local Toyota dealer just moved into an 8 million dollar facility and I know the General Sales manager.
    I quit my old job on Aug 3rd and started my new job Aug 7th. So far, I've sold 5 cars 3 new and 2 used.
    Thats the reason I haven't been on here much lately, as I work 9-7 most days.

    I'll talk to you guys next weekend.
  2. dam car salesman.....lol hope you like the new job!
  3. 5 cars in less then 2 weeks on the job, I'm not a car salesmen but I'd say that's pretty good!
  4. GOOD LUCK @ the new job!!!
  5. Thanks guys. Ended up selling 6 last month...not too good not too bad.

  6. Well, gave that up too.....car sales are down this time of year and I cannot make a living on a job where it can fluctuate too much. So, I quit. I'm regrouping and sending out my resume. Luckily, my wife has a good job and we can make it fine.
    Selling Toyotas sucks, you might as well sell appliances...
  7. Well, just as long as you don't sell any 35th LE Mustangs . . . . :nono:

    Good luck!:nice:
  8. So now your a stay at home daddy. Well more time to play with the mustang ....and sleep.

  9. Sorta, except no kids. Gets pretty boring keeping the house clean and taking care of things. I need to spend some time on the GT, it needs some TLC. Thanks for the support guys.

  10. So from what I'm reading, if we drop our cars off at your house, we can expect them washed by 5pm? Car daycare/detail service?
  11. Of course!!! Yours first. It'll be clean but maybe a few shots of NOS and lower on gas.