Microsquirt General Questions


Oct 25, 2019
Amarillo Tx
Just got my microsquirt and wideband LC-2 with controller in the mail. I have a few questions before install. Which tuner studio software do i download? Windows laptop.
Installing the wideband, do I simply hardwire the sensor to the existing wires for the stock narrowband? Also, what does the 6" pink wire from the MS that says O2 serve?, does it wire to the gauge? Do I leave the other narrowband (Driverside) installed or do i take it out and plug the bung?
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Mod Dude
Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
Please change the title, a microsquirt is not the same thing as an MS3. they are vastly different.

The O2 controller can be wired in anywhere you want to, it does not have to go on the stock O2 harness. In fact if the car is a factory auto car i suggest removing the factory O2 harness as it can feed 12v into the sgn grd wiring.

The harness coming out of the micro has wires that are labeled generically for there typical useage, the wire labeled O2 is the input from the WB controller if you do not use the narrowband sensors.

What other items do you plan on controlling from the micro? it has lots of options
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