Microsquirt vs ms3gold box?


May 18, 2020
New York
So i have a 1986 GT 5 speed that blew the a9l out in it and need to pick new ecu. Just recently put twisted wedge heads and cobra intake manifold full exhaust. Gonna be getting custom grind cam and bigger intake and have 24# injectors ready to go in. Already got a wideband so thought microsquirt would be good option for 302 N/A diy guy on a budget like me to get it running and tune it some with hci. Called efisource and was told the microsquirt is too limited when I mentioned 2 step. I thought I have seen people use 2 step launch control with microsquirt through tuner studio? Plus I asked through email while back and efisource said yes microsquirt supports 2 step and rev limits?? Anyways he said a ms3 gold box is What can change rev limit and do 2 step controls. I might go with boost but it will be long time before that. So maybe the gold box is my best bet but, if I can go with the microsquirt I would rather that honestly. Just need to pick an ecu and get to learning how to get her running again lol.
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Mod Dude
Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
If I were in your shoes and getting ready to spend money, there is no way I would buy anything less than the goldbox for the small price difference.
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May 18, 2020
New York
If I were in your shoes and getting ready to spend money, there is no way I would buy anything less than the goldbox for the small price difference.
Yeah I kinda feel dumb now I thought it was over 1000 bucks (saw the ls goldbox) and its actually only 765 right now. Comes with eec iv harness adapter and 3 bar map. Pretty dang good deal honestly. I have watched some of your videos too they are great I have to say thank you for all the info you put out here. Really helps clear up alot of confusion even before starting to tune. I'm gonna get that ms3 goldbox and hopefully get her running again soon :nice:
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