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  2. I am in the southeastern corner of PA, near both the DE & MD state lines. I'd like to get out to a couple cruise nights or shows. If anyone knows of anything, please post!

  3. What city you near? I'm in Greencastle Pa.
    There is a nice cruise in/show at the Valley Mall in Hagerstown Md. every Saturday night.
  4. dude he said southEASTERN LOL
  5. I'm near West Chester, PA. Wilmington, DE. Cecil County, MD. Hagerstown would be about a 2.5 hour ride. That's a little too far but thanks anyway for the info!
  6. So I'm south central..maybe a little WEST of eastern :) PS Carlisle is soon!
  7. we need to meet up at Carlisle
  8. I live in the Wilmington/Newark area of DE, id love to get something going.
  9. There are lots of people in NJ, but I doubt anyone would want to cruise with my 5 colored 94 GT. It's all business at NJMP but it's definetely not a show car, LOL.
  10. 5 color, 1 color, hell I'm down for ANY 'Stang parade, no matter who or what cruises with us.
  11. I'll be within shouting distance of you all in the next few months. Moving out west of Pittsburgh soon. :D
  12. I'll be there on the Friday
  13. Mines not legal yet. Nor pretty. ut this is the year of the road worthy FOX.
  14. Awesome. I'd love to meet you in person. Let me know when you are in the area. Maybe we can do a road trip. Maple Grove NHRA track is in Reading, which is a haul for you an me both but I'll be at the Top Fuel event this year. Also you need to be aquainted with http://www.carsatcarlisle.com/ if you have never been to an event there. Huge swap meet there and Hershey.
  15. I'll be in the process of moving during the Ford Nationals. Will def get something hooked up though.
  16. Pennmustangs.com a lot of guys in Philly on there

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  17. I'm from central Delaware, can't wait to go to ford nationals this year, looking for some fellow stangs to roll with...
  18. Anyone going to the SVT Superfest at VIR next week ( 24th -26th) ? 3 day track event. Ford and Roush.
  19. If only i would've known earlier that Ford Nationals are this weekend. I've already got a hotel room in OC, MD this year. Does Nationals usually fall on the same weekend every year?
  20. It's usually in the beginning of June, yes. Mark it down for next year!