Mach 1 mid pipe ideas?

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  1. I got a 2003 mach 1 with a borla catback and a JLT Ram air intake. I am still not satisfied with the sound. I was thinking about adding a mid pipe. Any ideas?
  2. Is your Catback chambered or straight through design? What people normally say is if it's a chambered exhaust go with a H-pipe/Offroed H, if it's a straight through exhaust go with an X-pipe/Offroad X. The midpipe makes all the sound difference in the world. I've got a Bassani Catted X to go with my straight through Magnaflow Magnapacks catback. Sounds friggin' awesome. One thing to consider is if you plan on getting headers to make sure the headers will be compatible with the midpipe you buy, or else you'll have to go back and get another midpipe to mate with the headers.
  3. Yeah the system that I have is a straight through design. I don't have the stingers, just the regular muffler design. Ideally I would want to get an o/r pipe but I want to make sure that I pass Mass. inspection. I'm not quite sure if I would replace the headers or not. Do headers make the car any louder or do they just increase performance??
    Thanks for the post!
  4. I don't have headers either, but from what I've read other people say is the sound may be abit deeper with the addition of headers. You'll gain roughly 15RWHP with Long Tubes. Bassani Mid-lengths (need Bassani midpipe) will gain 10RWHP. I would'nt even bother with shorty headers. I should have to do my first emission on my Mach in a couple months (5 year grace period here). Very curious how it goes.
  5. I have heard from some people that a pipe is a pipe and that you're just paying for the name. The only difference would be catted/no cats and stainless steel. Do you agree with this??:SNSign:
  6. I'd tend to agree with that, but with a little more input...not only is it the name that you are paying for but it can also be:

    The fit. Does it install like the OEM pipe or does it need some massaging? That said, I've had great luck with some 'bargain' midpipes - UPR, Pypes

    The cats (if you go catted). Magnaflow makes the best and most manufacturers will use their cats...but some may not. I'd avoid a midpipe without magnaflow cats.

    Right now I have the Magnaflow Magnapack catback with a Magnaflow catted X (not my choice, these pieces were on here when I bought it). I've run several different configs on my 2V GTs. My fav was SLP LM2 with an OR X, but second to that was on my black GT - Borla Stinger with an OR X. It was loud.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd by either Pypes or UPR. For a louder setup, go with an OR pipe, if you can.

    Best of Luck!
  7. k thanks for the input!
  8. Here's an idea of what my Mach sounds like with different mid pipes and the same exhaust... see my sig for mods..

    '03 Mach 1 Bassani Stainless Steel catback w/ Mac o/r h-pipe

    '03 Mach 1 Bassani Stainless Steel catback w/ Bassani o/r x-pipe

  9. I think I have decided on the mac prochamber because I've heard nothing but good things about it. Does anyone run this midpipe?
  10. I have heard that the design of the muffler, chambered or straight through makes a difference in what setup to go with. Is this true?
  11. Crzyhrse somewhat answered your question on the 2nd post of this thread.

    straight through mufflers usually gives a tad more HP because there aren't any restrictions like the chambers of a chambered muffler, but chambered IMO sounds great in stangs... dont get me wrong, straight through like LM1's with an o/r X on 4v's absolutely sound AMAZING and not too raspy like on 2v's...

    straight through are will always be louder and a lil more expensive (like a mid pipe with no cats- no restricitions) and chambered will something like an echo because the sound will resonate in the chambers. ive already posted my vids and i have a chambered stainless steel exhaust, if anything try searching youtube for LM1's, Borla Stinger's, etc