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  1. I'm getting ready to install my 1 3/4" long tube Mac headers. I currently have the BBK X-pipe for shorty headers. I've read that the Mac headers will not bolt up to some mid pipes, like the BBK x-pipe for long tubes. I had a pro chamber on order, but then it was cancelled due to it being over 4 weeks on back order. So, does anyone have any experience with Mac long tubes and a mid pipe. What did you guys use? I would prefer an x-pipe over h-pipe. My other thought is to bolt them on and have a connector piece welded in to make my current x-pipe work.

  2. I'd go with the connector piece. I've seen a few like that. I've never ran long tubes but have heard this is a common occurrence. If your current pipe is good I'd just weld an extensions
  3. Huh, arent the mid pipes made for either shorties or longtubes? Why would it not fit?
  4. I've read several post where certain brands didn't match up with other brands. Bbk was one of those. I also noticed that the summit brand is BBK long tube specific. I think I even read a few post claiming that the mac headers were specific. They do make them for auto and manual cars, so something is different.

  5. Auto and manual headers are different. Automatic trannys are wider, but the mid pipes dont give a sheit as the collectors are in the same spot
  6. If you look at mac products, even the mid pipes are trans specific. That tells me that the collectors are possibly not in the same spot. Headers and mid pipes are both trans specific.

  7. I did a set of BBK 1519s with a BBK X-pipe recently, and I had to use a ratchet strap to pull the midpipe in a little to get it to fit.

    I assume this is a manual foxbody header from BBK? That is what I run on my SN Mustang. Those BBK 1 and 3/4 headers fit really well. They do come in very tight to the transmission on the driver's side. More so then the other brands. The header also angles towards the transmission with a funny angle. I ended up having to hack of the inlet tubes to my ProChamber and rebuilding them from scratch. No amount of bending was going to make it work with that funny angle.

  8. Well i guess even us older stangnetters can still learn something new! :confused:
  9. This is what I had to do. I used prebent mandrel sections from Jegs. I always sleeve weld for durability and longevity.




    You can see the funny angle I had to put in on the driver's side.

  10. I can dig it!
  11. I may just modify my x-pipe. Probably cheaper too.

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  12. It's not that it's cheaper; I just find that if you buy another X-pipe that is supposed to fit, you just end up modifying that one. With the BBK 1 and 3/4" headers, make sure you get or reuse a 2 1/2" socket joint. It claims to use a 3" collector, but a 3" socket joint is too big, and won't work.

  13. One would think after 20yrs, along with todays advancements in tech, the term direct fit would be better utilized in exhaust.
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  14. Wasn't bashing your efforts, I like cheaper, if it is not sacrificing quality. FYI, I am going to be running 1 3/4 Macs, and the collector is definitely 3". Looks I will be buying a 3" to 2.5" adapter anyways, so welding will happen one way or the other.