Progress Thread Mid Season Update, Losing Coolant, Head Gasket Or Worse?

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  1. Just waiting for a donor to bring my GT back to life. I have also been looking into a few crate engine options. Anyway, motor will be pulled this weekend. I have a few questions (ok more than a few) and some pictures to go with it.

    1.) Should I pull motor and tranny together even if I am swapping motors?
    2.) What should/shouldn't I reuse, pilot bearing, water pump etc
    3.) What was this pipe for, I assume AC ? IMAG0709.jpg
    4.) There are some Strange Caps on the Intake Manifold and Throttle Body, I assume for Smog or EGR bypass

    And Here


    5.) There are also some random hoses coming from smog pump that I am not sure about that are either tied off or going no where



    Leads to this



    Leads here


    Ummm IMAG0710.jpg
  2. Looks like they bypassed the EGR and removed the smog equipment and did a crappy job of making it look decent.
  3. Your smog pump looks to be disconnected. I'm assuming you have no Catalytic converters? There will be a pipe that is probably plugged at the back of your heads near the firewall, you need to check that out.

    Second to last picture is your carbon canister which your gas tank vents to. Some people delete this and may or may not get a gas vapor odor. I know mine is gone and I have no fuel odor when parked or driven.

    Good luck and have fun un-fukn up what the previous owner f'd up and half assed
  4. I have brand new BBK off road H. It looks like previous owner bolted up whatever he can find to raise selling price. Anyway, I have a major fuel smell when car is running. I will have to figure that out so my wife will actually drive in the car with me. The picture before that one is also attached to the carbon canister, anyone know where it goes (third to last picture). Any advice on what to do with the smog equipment, just 86 it or hook everything back up?
  5. So far all accessories out except smog pump, ran out of day light yesterday

  6. Looks like you're making progress.

    Regarding #5 comment, that is your thermactor air diverter or bypass valve, either way you can completely remove it and you need to block off the passage on the back of both heads. You do not need the smog pump, thermactor diverter and bypass since you have an O/R H-pipe. You can either remove the smog pump or you can leave it and run a short belt
  7. Got a little bit more done today, so long upper IMAG0732.jpg

    Labeling is fun

  8. I thought was going to have to run to the parts store to get a wrench for the fuel rails so I could continue, but then I went to the mother load of tools.


    And there it was in my fathers toolbox, still in the same place I left it when I put a TFS street manifold on my LX over 10 years ago.


    So I got back into it and the lower came out too.

    I had to cover it up so you guys couldn't see all the mice poop and other schmegma that dropped down under the lower. It was pretty embarrassing. Good thing this motor is going bye bye.
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  9. I also discovered some more wtfs on the lower manifold that I will post up after dinner. And BTW if anyone reads this and thinks they might want a Chinese Cobra Intake, don't even think about it. The thing is really a POS. Do you guys think it would be better to put an explorer manifold in instead of that POS or should I just send it out to TMOSS?
  10. Why did you pull the lower intake manifold if your pulling the motor? Just get an intake hoist plate and hook it up to the lower manifold and lift the motor out with the transmission attached. Easier.

    Explorer intakes are good and even a better after Tmoss gets his hands on it. What is your combo going to be? Aluminum heads? GT40?
  11. Didn't know I could do that, just looked up the plates online. Now that the manifold is out, what are the best points to attach the chains to?

    As far as the combo, I am still sorting it out. I already have Crane 1.7s so I am thinking GT40 heads with stock cam and 1.7s. Do you think its worth it to just have TMOSS clean up the Chinese Cobra? The runners on the upper and lower look pretty crappy.

    Here is some of the upper

    Inside the runner looks pretty crappy and look at the poor finish on the end of the upper

  12. Soak the uppper and lower over night in parts cleaner or have a machine shop hot tank them and see how they look after. I wouldnt bother porting the upper as most gains come from the lower. Tom can get that lower to flow as good if not better than most aftermarket intakes.

    The stock H.O cam and 1.7's will be a nice little combination with the GT40 heads- about the same lift as a b cam with a better idle. Change the springs on the heads to TFS ones as the stock explorer springs are weak.

    To lift the motor, take off the valve covers and use the upper head bolts in opposing corners. I like to run a chain in an X fashion and a bolt in each corner of the engine rather than one chain, as it helps to spread the load.
  13. Thanks, I will see if that helps.

    Will try this and let you know how it goes
  14. Wait... Where's the pics of the whole car?
  15. It looks like my engine!

    I'm hopefully getting mine rebuilt by then end of the month.
  16. Holy labels batman.
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  17. I bet it took him more time to label than it will to pull the motor.
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  18. Haha probably, If I don't feel 100% confident I know what I am doing or where things go my head will spin off into space. Which is exactly what it is going on with this bootleg and smog bypass and all these oddities (to me at least) on the lower intake.
  19. Ok first off I noticed there was no PCV valve on the back of the manifold.

    Then there are some more weird caps that I don't know where they should go

    One on the coolant pipe


    Then on the very back of the lower manifold



    If some one could explain those to me and/or post a cobra intake diagram that would be awesome.
  20. Here are some more smog hacks that I am not sure of

    This pipe I am holding on is connected to a tube on the H Pipe, I have no idea why.


    Directly underneath that pipe is an open ended hose which leads to this


    Which leads to the smog pump. Finally this line that is connected to the carbon canister is supposed to connect to the manifold somewhere correct?


    Sorry for all the questions. When I get the new engine in I want it running right and I don't want the engine bay to look hack. I guess I need to find a write up on properly deleting smog since most of the work has been done. Thanks or all the replies so far.