Progress Thread Mid Season Update, Losing Coolant, Head Gasket Or Worse?

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  1. This is probably the one you want:

  2. So for some reason (I am a moron) I have a hard time figuring out these types of diagrams. This was me last night

    Then I after a few hours I started to figure it out


    The previous owner was even more of a moron than I was. I don't even know how the car ran, none of the lines were correct, there was no pcv valve, all the smog equipment was non functional and only 80% of it was capped. The dumbest thing was the pump was still hooked up and the stock belt was being used.
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  3. Got back into it today.


    Things started slowly and at times I felt like this.


    But after 4 hours.




    [email protected]%k YO COUCH!
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  4. nice progress!
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  5. Hack job at bypassing the EGR coolant line.
  6. First hose is from the Cat Mid pipe the connects to you thermactor setup. There will be a hose coming off the bottom that if your smog equipment is hooked up goes back to the cats to cool them. That is the purpose of the smog pump. I suspect given that and the other hacked hoses your cats are either gutted, removed or melted.

    Second hose is for the thermactor hoses- again part of the smog equimpent- one solenoid is to dump the air to the H pipe and the other is from the smog pump. They are operated by vacuum pressure and the connector in the passenger side rear tower.

    The cannister vacuum line should be connected to manifold vacuum. It helps to purge the gases from the tank. It operates off a solenoid mounted on the passenger inner fenderwell. The other hose off the cannister goes back to the gas tank.
  7. Same here, going long tubes. When I get the new setup I guess I will properly remove all smog setup. Should I keep EGR though, and if so what do I need to keep/hook back up so the car runs well.
  8. Hey are those MAC headers?
  9. Certainly look like MAC headers to me. Old ones at that.

    Nice progress on the car. Love a white Fox.
  10. Old rusted non sealing macs
  11. macs always served me well
  12. mac and cheese maybe... LOL
  13. Now i'm hungry... :drool:

    I have the same headers. I havn't had any issues with them yet and they have been on for several years. Car sat for many years with them on too. I love the way my car sounds mixed with the flowmaster american thunder. Performance is good too as far as I can tell. Dyno went better than expected but I didn't have a bench mark to start with except stock everything numbers.
  14. Im honored to have Tacos show up in my thread
  15. I have same exhaust too with a bbk off road H. I know it is so played out but I really do love the sound flowmasters, and since my car isn't a daily driver I get to avoid the drone zone.
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  16. Picking up a donor motor for my car tomorrow morning. Best part is the price, traded one of my guitars and some old army gear for a running long block. Owner said it had 130k. It is going right to the machine shop in the afternoon for a rebuild. Now I have to figure out what combo I want to run. New thread coming soon.
  17. Talked to the machine shop today and they were into the motor, just placed a big order on lmrs. Thanks to [email protected] for the discount code. :nice:
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