Progress Thread Mid Season Update, Losing Coolant, Head Gasket Or Worse?

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  1. Brown truck came today

    IMAG0947.jpg IMAG0948.jpg IMAG0949.jpg IMAG0950.jpg

    Just a few things to get ready for the rebuilt motor. Heads should be coming tomorrow. I can't wait to get them over to the machine shop.
  2. Brown truck is like watching Santa come down the chimey to car guys
  3. You doing this is making me want a fox, or even my old '95 back. I had fun doing all this to that car, but luckily that car was not hacked so it was straight forward for me.
  4. Every time I find something that was hacked it gives me a reason to upgrade.
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  6. And finally the most expensive sticker I have ever purchased

  7. Top end dropped off at the machine shop today. Forged internals going in when I was there. Now it is just a waiting game. They have 35 engines there. He quoted 6 weeks or less. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa. Polishing the upper this week, will post up progress pics.
  8. Chit just got serious... o_O
  9. Just an update. Called machine shop today, they said it will be finished next week (a week late). I am not that upset because it gives me more time to finish polishing the intake, and sort out the rest of what I need.

    I am almost done sorting out the hacked vaccuum lines. I need a t connector that connects hoses to pcv and upper intake (previous one broke). Does anyone know what size that connector is?. Also I was having an issue with hoses not being connected to charcoal canister (fuel smell) should I also replace the cannister?

    I hope I will have some pictures for you guys next week
  10. Was a little bit disappointed with this delivery. My water pump and gaskets some how didn't make it into the boxes. I have to give a shout out to Brian from LMR though. I called and left a message and he called me back within 10 minutes. He said they are sending out the pump tomorrow.
  11. Umm, maybe I am just being nit picky but I am not 100% satisfied with the quality of the headers from BBK. There is some surface rust in the collectors and some burrs that I will have to grind off on the flanges.



  12. How's the polishing going?
  13. Slowly...this is from a few weeks ago

  14. brings back fond memories of sanding fun-ness

  15. i know the hard work will be worth it
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  16. That turbo.
  17. Was never a fan of BBK headers, but that rust and flash is expected as they were probably sitting around in a warehouse. After you clean it up I'd spray some VHT ceramic paint on those areas. I really prefer the FMS ceramic shorty headers as the quality is very good

    Took me 8 hours to polish my intake. I used to polish parts and sell them. but then I realized I wasn't making squat after figuring in the cost of the part. my time and supplies. Now I just polish parts for myself and once in a while for a buddy or someone ; The one thing about polished parts is you do need to hit it once in a while with some Mother's , or use something like Zoop. Don''t clear coat them as they will turn yellow.