MIDWEST: 2003 Torch Red SVT Cobra, 100k mile warranty

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  1. 2003 Cobra Coupe
    Torch Red (1 of 212 with the charcoal interior)
    33,800 miles on car
    300 miles on motor (put in at 33,500)
    Charcoal gray interior with gray alacantra (microfiber type) seat inserts
    AC blows very cold, recently serviced (Tires Plus, 8/7/09)
    Brand new serpentine belt (will install before sale).

    BRAND NEW ford longblock with 100,000 mile/3 year warranty - have paperwork, good at ANY Ford Dealer (Registered by the VIN #)
    Engine is bone stock down to the air silencer & filter (It must stay stock to keep Ford's warranty)
    6 speed manual transmission
    BRAND NEW Ford clutch, pressure plate, clutch fork, pilot bushing, and throwout bearing
    Stock flywheel freshly turned with new motor

    Magnaflow catback
    H&R Lowering springs
    aftermarket shortened black antenna
    FR500 wheels, 17x9 in front, 17x10.5 in rear. Black with polished lip, deep dish in rear.
    Newer Nitto Extreme tires up front (255/40/17), needs rear tires (315/35/17) - currently has Nitto 555R, worn
    Tinted tail lights & brake light
    Tinted windows
    Aftermarket battery
    Python Alarm/Remote
    IRS Low profile Subframe bolts
    Duralast Alternator (lifetime warranty)
    BRAND NEW Drilled & slotted rotors, BRAND NEW Evolution ceramic pads
    Black metal bumper inserts (not just stickers)

    Available with car sale:
    stock springs
    extra BF Goodrich 275/40/17 tires (for fronts) with good tread
    Car stereo, subwoofers, amplifier, etc.
    Laurel Mountain subframe connectors (weld in style) with crossbars & hardware (brand new of course)

    Now for the bad news:
    - Paint is about 9 out of 10. There are some spots that have been repainted and in some areas the paint didn't completely cover. It is not bad at a short distance, I just want to be up front so there are no dissapointments. There are some light scratches on the roof panel from the prior owner's antennas. There are misc small chips on the car and a few scratches here and there. (I'll try to buff them out)
    - very small rip in underside of transmission tunnel sheet metal, catback bottomed out.
    - Console was drilled for switches for stereo, neon, etc. Switches & neon have been removed.

    Asking price is $19,999 or offer. I can get pictures of anything on the car, underneath, etc. I have more pictures, E-mail me for more info:

    [email protected].

  2. BUMP, still interested in trades, price is at $22k obo. :)
  3. Trades MORE than welcome!
  4. still have this. :)
  5. why did the engine get replaced?
  6. Hey, great question, thanks for asking. the previous owner had hurt the motor with a pulley and no tune. It had a noise when I bought it and I didn't want to take a chance on something being wrong so I purchased a brand new motor for it instead.

    I had forgotten I had posted it on this site, so feel free to ask more questions. I should update the ad too, I have fixed some things.

  7. Trades

    Hey I have a 97 Cobra w/61k on it..vortech 475 hp/and a 86 coupe big block/cage/hooker/msd/NIB alum heads etc..

    [email protected]
  8. Looking for trades + cash. Ideal for me...
  9. $21k or offer/trades, whatcha got?
  10. PM replied.
  11. Considering trading it in, make a cash offer?
  12. BUMP -
    I had a professional help me detail it, and we got most of the scratches out including most of the ones on the roof.
    I had an additional key made for the car. I have two working keys and fobs for it.
    I have been driving it for a while now and it drives nice. The only complaint I have is that the ceramic brake pads

    squeal with light braking. I have 2 sets of front Brembo pads that can go with the car if wanted. I am not sure if

    they squeal less or not.
    I purchased and mounted the front license plate bracket. I figured as long as the holes were already drilled, I

    might as well put the bracket on the front.

    I am still looking for $21,000 for this fine automobile. Here are some newer pictures.

  13. $19,999 obo.
  14. Cobra..

    My 1995 Gt.. 5.0 listed in pic... It has 90000 miles...automatic I have owned for 4 years never has senn rain or snow.. i show it.. And have won over 20 1st place awards.. It has bk cold air intake... bassani headers and x pipe.. magnaflow cat back.. tinted windows.. double stack wing.. mach 3 hood brand new just installed.. grill with lazer etched pony.. 17 inch cobra r bullit rims.. 275 on front 315 on rear.. runs and drives great... ill trade that and 4k
  15. With all due respect, I don't think your '95 is worth ~$16k. Thanks for the offer though!

  16. man i want your car!!!! i only have a 2000 black GT with bolt ons and those same wheels along with a boat, and a caprice and 2k but it doesnt come close to a trade for that so good luck with the sale. that thing is my dream!!!
  17. Hey thanks for the bump. :)

  18. BFG tires mounted today along with an alignment. Make offer, getting bored with having two Terminators!!
  19. $19,500 or best offer
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