MIDWEST: 2003 Torch Red SVT Cobra, 100k mile warranty

Discussion in 'SN95 Mustangs For Sale (1994-04)' started by DNeinstadt, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. I have a 2001 mustang gt convertible full magnaflow full maximum suspension roll bar cai etc. trade plus cash?
  2. Maybe, send me an E-mail with more info on your car, pics, etc. and how much you think the $ difference is and we can try to work something out.

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  3. How bout this..

    1999 GT, Vermillion Red, 03 Cobra hood, Roush 4-post rear spoiler, fluidyne radiator, magnaflow catback, short throw shifter, BBK CAI, H&R SS's, Tokico Blue shocks/struts, MM caster camber plates, 18x9/18x10.5 chrome Saleen replica's with 315's out back.


    1968 AMC Rambler with $6,600 paint job, all original, show condition. Ford Laser Red with House of Kolor coarse gold metalflake and gold pearl, and top is pearl white. Very very nice paint job. I am the 2nd owner, 1st owner was my great grandmother, and she babied it everywhere, very well taken care of. Was asking $10,000 for it. Give you it and my Stang.

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  4. Have a few questions if you don't mind. How much would the sheet metal repair cost and what would either replacing the dash or repairing the holes cost and would you be willing to take that off the cost of the car !!! Thanks for your time and nice car.

    Sgt A.Henning
  5. XxMustang281xX,

    I may be interested in the GT but I already have two classics so the AMC wouldn't be something I'd want. Send me info on the GT + cash trade if you are able to swing something.


    I have been meaning to fix the underside rip. I know it can be welded, and the dash piece is readily available on Ebay. I would be willing to get an estimate on both of these items and subtract them from the price of the car or negotiate them in the price if I were to fix them if you wanted me to.

    Send me an E-mail if you would like more information!

    Thanks for the inquiries!
  6. Thanks for the quick response i wish i could get down there to see it , but sadly i am in afghanistan for a little while longer. When you figure out what those repairs will cost let me know and i will see what i can do on my end. I am very interested , just a little far away at this time. Thanks again for your time.

    Sgt A. Henning
  7. The car sold today. Thanks for all the interest! :)
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