Midwest (Missouri)- Looking for my Dad's old car

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I know this is probably a crap shoot at best however I am looking for my Dad's 1969 Mustang he bought when he was 18 and sold in the early 1970's due to marriage and children. He talks about the car all the time, and I would like to try and find it.

    Details :
    1969 Mustang fast back
    Acapolco Blue
    302 ci
    4 speed ?
    Purchased in Sedalia MO by my dad in late 1968. Sold in 1972-1976 to private party. Not sure where it has gone since.

    Again, I know this is a needle in a hay stack search, but hey, why not try. I will add more info about the car as I get it
  2. Well you really need to try and dig up an old registration, insurance policy, sales receipts, etc in an attempt to locate the VIN.
  3. 4 Speed car? Good luck getting whomever has it now to let go of it.
  4. if you can find a vin number for the car you might be able to use carfax to see if the car is still registered. you can also try tracing the car through the state DMV.