Might buy a beat a** Cobra

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  1. To start, here is the car

    Now you're thinking, wow 1100 dollars for a cobra! even in that condition!?

    Well the guy says the engine overheated.
    So my question is, would it be worth it?

    My plan would probably be to sell it for more or part it out. But I don't want to take a risk on something I isn't worth it since it's messed up.
  2. you're absolutely right. But probably for a different reason.

    After talking to the guy long enough, the truth comes out, it isn't even a cobra. So it's about trash.
    Explains why in the ad he didn't want to specify if it were a GT or a Cobra at heart.

    What a waste of a thread:shrug:
  3. :worthlesa
    I couldn't resist...
  4. No

    Curiously, it's wearing V6 15" wheels. Those wont bolt over a cobra brakes....front or rear. Makes me wonder if the car is not a Cobra
  5. ^ what he said
  6. I didn't pick up on it, I knew about the 13'' rotors not working with the smaller rims, but I saw the cobra rear bumper, hood, matching paint and thought that it was a lot of work to make a v6 look like a cobra. Though it's actually a gt if it's the 4.6.

    But yeah it's not a cobra.

    Fair enough:(

    Find me a v6 standard convertible sn95 for 1000 in texas though and I'll make this thread interesting:O