Might get a 2001 mustang v6

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  1. Hi, i might trade my 2000 vw jetta vr6 glx for a 2001 mustang v6.I'm a volkswagen guy and have always had a like for mustangs. I just wanted to see if there is anything i should look out for when looking at it. Its a 5 speed and the clutch was done 30k ago. the car has 123k on it.
  2. I bought my 01' V-6 5 speed Mustang when it had 124K on it, and I am now past 145K miles with no issues, still runs like a top. If it has been taken care of 120 plus thousand miles is nothing for one of these cars. If there is a service history with the car, that will tell you a lot about how it was taken care of. Also if the inside and outside of the car is in great shape (like mine was) chances are the drivetrain was also well maintained. If the car looks beat....chances are the drivetrain is beat as well.
  3. i bought 2 v6s in the last 6 months... a 2000 v6 vert ,with 69k miles... very nice, taken care of... only thing i did was change plugs, CAI, slightly used flowmaster, ..basically tune it up.. maybe a fuel filter... gave it to my daughter... other car was 1 2002 hardtop for me to drive... had 127k on it.. never touched.. drove like crap... i pretty much went through it and replaced most of the wear parts, alternator, water pump thermostat, plugs, plug wires, fuel filter...drive belt... shocks, struts, front hubs, brakes...CAI, muffler... now it runs like a top... i looked at bunches of mustangs... and what bullitt347 says is true.. if it looks like crap... it probably is... many, many mustangs basically " ragged out"... but... if it has not been raced, hot rodded, or abused... even a neglected car can be brought back to life...just make sure the drive train is in good shape..does the motor tick or clunk??.. does the tranny shift smoothly??... is there any noise coming from the rear end??? allow yourself a little money to fix a few things, and you should be able to pick up a deal....
  4. Got a 2001 about a month ago with 147k miles on it, runs great just some standard maintence issues that were squared away after bringing it in to the shop.
  5. I picked up a 2003 for my daughter. The car was at 175K miles... YES 175K! The original owner used it for a lot of highway driving but decided to sell it when the engine started making a "knocking noise". When I got there it was more like a mini jack hammer under the hood. I drove it and it shifted great (auto trans) and the interior was excelent. It does need some paint from all those miles. Bottom line, I got the car for $1000. I got a used 77K mile engine for $450 and put new brakes all the way around. That with title and licencing put me at 3 days, 2 cases of beer and $2000 into the car. About two months later I ended up puting a new power steering pump on it as well. What this means is that if you can do your own work, you can get some good deals out there.
  6. i've driven mustangs with more miles than that ... they still had a lotta good miles in them... you just have to service them... throw a new set of plugs in , change what needs to be changed, and keep driving...