Might Need New Rear Lower Control Arms: Which

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  1. I have Mac Control arms and I think the bushings are weak. I am taking the car friday to get a diagnoses from Precision tune on the Rear situation. I just had new shocks and struts and ball joints, bushings, ect put on last yr some time I believe it was. I also just called Mac and they said they will no longer be making the control arm bushings so even if I do need bushings I won't have an option of replacing them so I guess I will need new arms??????
    Non track car, just a nice weekend driver, weekend street cruiser and play around when I want and feel like it :) Any recommendations on arms to get/arms to stay away from?
  2. IMO if you want aftermarket control arms then choose one

    1. Max motorsports- my preference
    2. Steeda

    Do not get cheap ones that have poly bushings on both ends. This will cause binding and more stress on the torque boxes. Remember you get what you pay for and saving $100 on a part is long forgotten after you install and are dissapointed. Do it once and know it's done right.
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  3. what kind of bushings come in the better ones? I always thought Poly's were the way to go but i guess with certain parts that is huh?
  4. the mm arms have options for both poly bushings (street car) and spherical bearings (street/track). i got the mm non-adjustable standard-style lowers with the bearings on sale around new-years, they work pretty well.
  5. Steeda aluminums, ran them for years on my black vert, still straight even after a tree fell on it.
  6. so yours have the poly's ?
  7. UPR for the lifetime warranty and they will never quit making theirs.
    MM if you want to spend the extra dough but, pretty much same as above.
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  8. Maximum Motorsports
  9. yeah i will compare the prices of the UPR's , BBK's, and MM's. Also will call around at least 3 different places and check Ebay and Amazon for best pricing
  10. Sphericals, I take mine to the track every so often and wanted the extra strength and less binding
  11. cool. I mean i sometimes for somethings get the extra security just to have it in case cause u never know but i'm not a track guy and just on the street i play around when im in the mood :)
  12. MM > upr all day everyday

    Quality parts cost more to make and therefore buy.
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  13. the spherical ones are worth the money over the poly imo, even on a street car. the main reason being not having to be as concerned about ripping up the chassis.

    i would NOT go with an ebay/house brand special, getting something with a name behind as mentioned above (mm, steeda, teamz all make good stuff).
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  14. is BBK and UPR included in the group of the name behinds?
  15. afaik, the bbk's are the same generic ones on ebay, etc. at least they used to be.

    upr's......some people love em, some people hate em, im kinda "meh" on em. i have no personal experience with them, but i went with the mm on mine because i KNEW their quality (have a few other little mm things) and didnt want to spend the coin taking a chance on them not being what i wanted (plus, like i said, i got them on sale, 40% off or something like that).
  16. did u get the uppers and lowers and how much were they and was the price after discount? And where did u get em?

    does the bushings EVER have to be changed out at some point? Those are things I really would consider and mainly if I never have to change bushings ever :)
  17. MM doesn't offer upper. They just have LCA. Unless it's a track car just get the non adjustable arms. If you need/want UCA I recommend either TeamZ or Steeda.
  18. "Steeda aluminums, ran them for years on my black vert, still straight even after a tree fell on it."

    How can you go wrong ... let me know if I can help assist with anything or provide you with forum pricing.

    You can reach me at [email protected].

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