Might sell the '86 for an '04 Cobra

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  1. Ive been wanting an '03-04 Cobra for quite some time, but never quite had the means for one. Ive always loved foxes, so I got the '86 GT knowing it is my next favorite mustang and I could easily afford it. The reason I am posting this is because I have read in a few places where people didnt like their Cobras after a short amount of time. For those of you that have one, or have owned one, what is the big downfall of them? Im stoked about the interior of them with the nice seats and such, and this car is a whipple charged Cobra that puts down 579 rwhp, and still has A/C and all working power options. I cant imagine I am going to hate that... Its a hefty price tag I will be paying, but I can deal with that for what I feel is the closest thing to my dream car that I will ever own. Plus, this is a local, low mile car that an older local business owner has owned. He has drag cars too, so this car never had the need to hit the strip to be beat on. I dont have any pics, but what do you guys think I should do??? P.S. Sonic blue......
  2. Depends,...would you consider comments from crazy people?
  3. Haha, those are my favorite comments cause crazies dont hold back!
  4. I've been thinking heavily about it. I just cant get what I want for my car to put towards the Cobra purchase. I'm with you though, comfy interior, A/C and well over 500 to the wheels is hard to pass up.
  5. A little back story on the car... When I was 21 back in 2005, I worked as an entry level tech at a local Dodge dealer. The owner of the dealership was friends with the owner of this Cobra, and he brought it by one day to show it off. Being a mustang guy, I was naturally in love with the car. It was one of those moments where you think, "One day I will have a bad ass mustang like that." Well this is my chance to potentially have THE mustang I thought that of. I havent even seen the car since then, but I know this gentleman takes top notch care of his toys. Im trying to decide if I want to jump in head first before I get to bothering him too much about it. I saw his daughter yesterday at a charity event, and she was telling me that he still had it and was looking to sell it to fund another project. He hasnt advertised that he is selling it yet, so she said I just need to call him if I am interested.
  6. If you can afford it, I see no reason NOT to do it. It's not like you are all wishy washy about it. You seem to want the car. As much as I'm in love w/ mine, there is always something Id like more. It, however would mean a car payment. I had that two years ago w/my GTO. As for me, the extra 500.00 that isn't going to fund a 365.00 car pymt, and an extra 100.00 monthly kick to my ins premium gets put right into the crap I dump into the current car. Only, it's not in addition to the a fore mentioned pymt.

    So,..checking in from ward 13,...I say do it.:confused:
  7. The main thing I've heard bad about those cobras is there is a flaw in the coolant passage routing to one of the cylinder heads and they are prone to over heating on long hard pulls. However, I've been told there is a fix for it that entails running a peice of tubing or something like that to allow better coolant flow to the deprived spot. Other than that, the only other complaint I've heard is the transmissions tend to let go around 900-1000 hp.... Pretty dang good cars.

  8. :chin hmmmm....... I may have just stumbled upon something here.


    Anyway, I say go for the Cobra. If its as clean as you say it is, there's no reason not to (assuming you're ok with the payments)
  9. Mike, here is another thought in my head. I will be investing $4-5K in paint for the '86, plus the $1K worth of parts laying around for it. Thats roughly $6K that I can have back if I get the Cobra. The Cobra will outshine the '86, and the payment will only last for a few years. I have a buyer for my motorcycle too, if I want even more cash to throw toward the Cobra. The money doesnt bother me, I am more wondering if folks that have owned both think the Cobra is a "true mustang," or just kind of a weekend show piece. I love how raw the foxes feel, so I am hesitant that the Cobra will feel too refined for me. I can go buy a used BMW for the price of this Cobra, but that is obviously not what I am after. Blah, I cant decide what I want. I think I will wait for more opinions, as I know there are guys here in 5.0 talk that have owned them.
  10. Thanks for the info. I think 579 rwhp will suit me fine since all I have ever had is lightly modded pushrod 5.0's, so the tranny will be safe in my possession.
  11. I have never owned a new edge, but have had rode in and driven several. No, they don't feel old school and raw like a fox, but they are definately not just a weekend show peice. IMHO, it's definately a true mustang. you don't get the old school features, but you do get alot more creature comforts in the new edges. i had a really hard time deciding between a new edge and another fox when i got my current one, but i just couldn't pass up the deal i got on my beauty!
  12. The first time you hear that Whipple SCREAM at WOT, you'll be glad you pulled the trigger on it and forget all about your fox. :nice:
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  13. I don't have any love for the new edge cars but the cobra is and always will be worth more than your fox so if you can afford it go for it.
  14. Thanks guys. I had a '95 GT for a few years, so I know how the interior and platform feels, although Im sure the Cobra is quite a bit nicer in every way. After youtubing some cobra videos, I really have the itch for it. Technically I could keep the fox cause its paid for, but I dont have the room or the type of wife that would allow such a thing. I might just give this guy a shout and start talking it over with him.
  15. What exactly is this type of wife, and where do you find one? Do they accept trade-ins?
  16. Sounds like you may be spending a small fortune on the car, I too love the cobra but just have a hard time making payments on a car that's 8 years old... Have you considered a new or gently used 5.0. I drove one for the first time several months ago and was hooked. When I buy cars I try not to get emotionally attached to one, end up spending more than I prefer.
  17. I've driven an 03 Sonic Blue Cobra (Green94 5.0) several times and I must say it was fantastic. I don't think that 390HP number was very accurate. At the time my 94 was making over 450HP but the Cobra sure felt a lot faster. I think he just had a drop in K&N and Borla exhaust (stock headers).

    I would love to have a Sonic Blue Cobra. If you have the means get it, get it now. Plus if it's making 600HP already then no modding, it's a turn key project. I always wanted a Buick Grand National. Use to read all about them in high school. About 10 years after that a customer of mine had his up for sale. It was also a turn key vehicle, 505HP to the wheels. I bought it on the spot. A few years later when the new car smell wore off and I realized it was a mid-80's Buick I sold it. Before I sold it I had the pleasure of racing a Lingenfelter Corvette (not on the street). The Buick got him then the Vette's torque kicked in (all 625 ft lbs worth) and became a tie. He was pretty upset about how much I paid for the car considering he had spent well over 6 figures.

    Get it, Do it, Do it.
  18. they make 420hp...the 390was for insurance or to kep it in its class or something.
  19. :D