Might sell the '86 for an '04 Cobra

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  1. It's not the money. I self imposed a budget for the GT and I don't want to spend anymore. I'm more bugged out by the springs not lowering the car as much as advertised.
  2. Yeah, that would be frustrating. Springs are not fun to swap out.
  3. Word.

    Imma pollute your thread with some of my before and after pics.




  4. Awe, you punk. I wanted that Eleanor grill too. You are right, the car really doesnt look lowered much, but you did downsize to 18's from the 19's too. To be honest though, I like it the way it is. The Bullitt car was supposed to be understated, so IMO a car riding on Bullitt wheels fits the style better when it isnt slammed down. I bet if nothing else you at least got better handling out of the springs.
  5. I actually have the exact same amount of wheel gap now with the new wheels setup as I did with stock springs and stock wheels. The stockers were 18"s as well, not the more rare 19" unfortunately. You should see all the flak I'm catching over on SVTP for the grill and wheels. I don't care though, I didn't buy the mods to impress other people.
  6. I have owned just about everything. 5.0 Foxes, I built two Mod Fox's, I've had plenty of 95 GT's, had a Procharged 5.0L, a 2000 GT, 96-97 Cobras and I now have a Whippled 04 Cobra.

    I don't know. It's a tough decision. Do you want to spend the 20-25K? Then you get the car and it's perfect and you don't wanna drive it. You don't want to leave it. On all my other cars, I didn't care. They've already been painted, and messed with, so if something happened, I'd just paint it again or whatever. If it got a ding, I wouldn't let it ruin my day.

    But with the 04 all that is different....and it has started to make me wonder is this worth it? 6,500 miles in 3.5 years??? 400 miles last summer? Really? I had more fun with a $5,000 fox body. Slow yes, but more fun. I've been debating selling it. 2004, 11,950 miles, Whipple, almost 600rwhp. I'd rather have my old 91 black notch with a 5.0L 5spd that made 190rwhp. For me nowadays, it's not about how much power, it's just about crusing. I got just as many compliments, if not more on this old black notch.
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  7. You're late to the party man. He bought a 2011 a few pages ago...
  8. I am late...haven't logged into stangnet in many many moons. I don't like the new layout so I stayed away.
  9. Whoa, haven't seen you post in forever. I'll swap you my 347 LX for your Cobra. ;)
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  10. I appreciate your opinion, even if it is after the fact. You are absolutely right, and I felt that way when bugs were hitting the windshield of my 2011 on the 5 hour drive home. I had to drop off the wife and kid, and go wash it immediately. What helped me with that is the two little rock chips that were already on the front lip of the hood. Those allow me to not have that "perfect car" feeling, and go enjoy it. I also get what you mean about the cruising. I have no desire to do power mods to this car. It runs great, very smooth, and gets great fuel economy to boot. I put an axleback kit on it, Im buying wheels and tinting the windows and thats about it. The roads beat the shi t out of me in my '95, so Im not even going to lower it. Anyway, thanks for the input.
  11. Hey I don't blame you for leaving it alone. If I sell mine,...it's inevitable that I'll end up w/ something late model. Just like my GTO's before the current car, it ran and did everything well enough that I saw no need to make improvements other than a cat back. I won't even do that on a new car if I end up w/ one in the next 6 months.
  12. You guys have better self control then me. I did exhaust, grill, wheels, tires, and springs before I made the first payment. Now I'm looking at new dampeners and springs cause I'm not happy with the drop I got.
  13. Lars, I just made my first payment yesterday. :) I just ordered the 20" Shelby CS40's for her in silver. I wanted a set of Vossen wheels, but just couldnt justify the price when there are others (such as the CS40's) that I could get with tires for the same as the Vossen wheels alone. I'll post pics when I get them on next week.
  14. Another reason I want to leave it alone is because I went crazy on my '95 modding it into a street/stop light race car. I gutted it everything off that poor car that I didnt "need," and relocated the battery to the trunk. When I did the battery relocation, the wiring was done right with a cut off switch, but I drilled holes in the car in not so great places to run the battery wire. No one likes buying a used car, and then seeing someone's dumb shi t they didnt think through. I want to keep this car mostly stock, and cherry, with the exception of some appearance mods. It was the first Mustang Ive owned that was completely stock upon possession, and has no redneck molesting to reverse. Its gonna stay a virgin under my watchful eye, even after the wheel implants and window tanning!
  15. I like those CS40's. You got 20's instead of my 18's so they will eat up more wheel gap. So if/when you lower it you won't have to go as low as I plan too. I like those TSW Valencia's with the polished lip as well. I think I'd have about 2-3 sets of wheels and tires for each of my cars if I had the money/space.
  16. LarsD...you're right, I haven't posted in forever. The layout drives me nuts...hell...I don't even know where the quote button is. lol Anyways...I think just not having projects anymore along with a lot of new members on here, I don't even visit anymore. I've had about 10 good years on SN and met some cool "internet friends." Two of my best friends right now...I met on here man. They both were in my wedding. Sounds crazy but we are all exactly alike.

    95BlueStallion...I saw you're reply and yeah, the bug smashing thing is annoying...my 04 Cobra had one TINY TINY stone chip at the front edge of the hood too before I even handed the check over to the guy. I'm pretty sure I picked up the 2nd one on the way home that cold cold nasty day. All I can say is enjoy it...drive it. That's my plan this summer, I'm gonna insure it today before this weekend and just go enjoy it. I've thought of selling it, but maybe I should give it one more summer. I don't think it'll lose value. The prices on these things still haven't moved since I was looking and bought mine in December 2008. I'm just gonna ask what I paid.

    If I get a tire kicker that wants to compare mine to "this other guys" he can turn around and get the hell off my property. Ok buddy...go buy that one then...see ya. lol. 04 with 11,000 miles and my mods is hard to find.
  17. I wouldnt sell it, especially if its paid off. Let it sit and start to earn value as time goes on, because they sure arent losing it as you said. A tastefully modded, low mile 03-04 Cobra still fetches $26K and higher. Highly doubt my 2011 will do the same, but the Cobra deal just wasnt working to my advantage.
  18. I got a text yesterday from a friend and a text today from another both asking me if I put insurance on the car. They each have cars and they wanna go rip up our local cruis spot tonight. I'm thinking about it. The weather is chilly so the blower will love that. Yesterday it hit 80* here...maybe hotter in the direct sunlight.
  19. I thought I would post here first, since I know you guys better than the '10-'12 crowd. I retrofitted a 1969 Mach 1 chin spoiler on my car... It was not just a bolt on affair either, I had to do some cutting of the front bumper. What do you guys think? Im on the fence with it. I like it, yet it seems over the top for my taste. I have some 20" Shelby CS40 wheels that will be here Monday, and I am hoping they will help pull together a complete old school look. I have no plans to lower the car, especially if I keep the chin spoiler on there... :)