Might sell the '86 for an '04 Cobra

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  1. imo it looks like if you took an inch or so out of it that it wouldn't look so big and maybe give more clearance back to prevent scrapes.
  2. Its weird how it looks to stick way out in the frontal pic. But when you look from the side, its just about right under the bumper. I dont know that I will do any cutting on it, as I'll probably screw it up.
  3. I cut out what little you could see of the factory air dam on the sides. That helped me like it more (plus I moved it over toward the driver's side about a half inch, cause it was off center at first). I'm gonna keep it on there for a while, and maybe toss a GT500 rear spoiler on to balance it out. Pics with the new wheels will be coming soon.
  4. Pics with new wheels. I hate the little rubber band tires that are the "standard" size on 20" wheels. Live and learn I guess, but I will definitely be getting more side wall height on the next go round. I do LOVE the wheels though. I had my son hanging out with me, so I was limited to driveway pics.



    Here is my little dude with the car. He stopped eating his cookie and wandering around "Rocket" to get a pic. He is such a little ham.

  5. That looks badass!

    I agree with you on the tires; needs more sidewall.
  6. Been following your thread for a little while now...

    I love the wheels.
    I too would get more side wall or lower the car to fill the gap.

    As far as the chin, I like it but think you need more retro pieces to pull it all together, like you mentioned.

    I love the car, if I ever total my truck I will get one just like it.
  7. We have a 03 cobra motor long block with the blower and everything still there at my shop. You should buy that and just put it in your 86 lol! We are only asking $7000 for it to. Then you would have the best of both worlds. lol! I would love o have an 03 -04 cobra myself. Thats a tough call.
  8. Sorry brother, I sold the '86 a few pages back to buy my '11.
  9. I ended up taking off the chin spoiler, as it was too much of a hassle being that this is my DD. Also, being the only part of the body of the car that hung down, it just looked too out of place. What I did do was order a California Special front valance with fog lights, which is more aggressive than the stock GT valance. Plus, you cant go wrong have lower fogs along with grill fogs and HID headlights right? Pics will follow once it is received and installed.
  10. Got the Boss/California Special front valance in today, and threw it on. Im digging it big time over the stock GT valance. :nice:

  11. looks good!
  12. I like the rims. The CS valence looks better IMO. You need to go lower like me. ;)

  13. ^very nice stance
  14. Lars, that looks much better! What springs/dampers did you end up using?
  15. Verrrry nice! :hail: Love the wheels. They really set the car off without looking too flashy. The CS valance is literally one of the first mods I would do on a new GT. Well done.
  16. HAHA I hear ya man I have a 2004 torch red cobra with 7k miles on it. I have always had foxes and grew up with them. I been thinking about selling mine for a fox. Ive even looked into a few low mile ones with disappointment as both were drilled and sprayed with under coating and had flat spotted tires and one had a bad rear end from sitting so long. Foxes clean ones are getting harder to come by. If I find the right one I might pull the trigger I mean what sounds better then a h/c/i fox with a blower or turbo on it? I just wish I was rich Id have so many cars lol. The problem with the cobra is there is nothing to tinker with them. To do cams a whipple and supporting mods I am looking at 8k and thats not even a clutch input shaft or irs upgrades to handle the power. My car has cold air intake exhaust and a pulley and it makes in the 450's to the rear tire. Its for sure an amazing car I just miss my foxes the ease of working on them the raw fuel the cam shaking the car around etc...of course to build a 450hp fox is gonna cost money but with how light they are they will be faster then my car.....with a whipple and supporting mods you can have 600 plus hp....however to do that with a fox you need a dart block etc....They are two totally different cars and both have a lot of pluses and minuses to them.
  17. I also get a lot more attention in this car at car shows and cruise nights then I ever did with any of my foxes I don't know why but people drool over this thing...
  18. whoops you bought a new 5.0 lol my bad lack of sleep I guess badass car man...
  19. I kinda wish I would have kept my fox for a DD, but driving a four eyed t-top fox in the Iowa winter is a sin! It wasnt even that nice of a car, but it was in good enough shape that someone with the funds could have easily restored it. I do miss it already though. If I get another one, I would only do it if I can keep my '11. Having this nice of a mustang is awesome.

    Edit: Its all good man, the title of the thread is misleading this far into it. I was originally after a Cobra, but it didnt make as much sense for me financially.