Might sell the '86 for an '04 Cobra

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  1. I noticed, but I wasnt going to rain on your parade after you said you were already having problems with the PHR and such. What wheels did you get? Im considering the machined finish staggered AMR wheels, but at the same time keep wanting a dished wheel on the back.
  2. damnit that sounds good :nice:
  3. Just boring old Bullitts. I like the style, and you really don't see them on the 10+ body style. I got them balanced today, they had to do hammer on weights though. As soon as I get the metal bushings from Kelly I can finish installing all my parts. Car is layed up at the dealer right now with a ruptured high side line unfortunately.
  4. I actually considered some 20" Bullitt style wheels, as the car sports a retro theme with the body style... I found some really killer wheels I want though, so the pennies are being put aside for them. Looks like my axleback is my only mod until these puppies are bought. They give the car such an aggressive look!

    Side note: I wonder what my factory 19's would look like on my wife's Edge, assuming the lug pattern is the same?
  5. I went with the 18's and the calipers are so close to the wheels they knocked the sticky weights off. So I had to rebalance them with hammer on weights. I was wondering if I should have gone with 20's like I wanted too from the get go, but they are so heavy and the rubber is so costly I stuck with the 18's.
  6. Im already balls deep into this car $$$ wise, so I figure I am going big on everything the first time. The wheels I want are badass in my mind, but because of that I have to save while I figure out a way to get my wife not to leave me when I buy them. Thats crazy your calipers are that close to the wheel! American Muscle has 18's on their 2011 GT, and they look good with it dropped. I dont plan on lowering my car, so Im gonna fill the fenderwells with 20's.
  7. Yeah I already put springs on mine. Although it didn't lower it as much as I wanted (so far). Hopefully they will settle some more, cause if not, I'll be doing springs again on it soon.
  8. Do you have any drone at highway speeds? I love the way mine sounds at cold idle, idle, and when I'm hammering on it, but the drone at part throttle is killing me. It is as bad as my LX at cruise. Which is unfortunately what I was hoping to avoid. So I may be changing out my springs and my exhaust again soon (pretty much undoing all the work I did this past Saturday, lol).
  9. The Roush mufflers do not drone. I am very happy about that. Everyone says 2000 RPM's is where the drone is worst, and Ive got nothing. I recommend these mufflers for sure.
  10. Ohhhh, but they're cheap Chinese garbage and not "Good ol Umaaaarican Made", remember? :runaway:
  11. Roush is Chinese? o_O
  12. Might have to get a set then. Going to stick it out a little longer with the Pypes (since I don't have the $$ for the Roush's anyhow) and see if I get used to them. Either that or I could try and weld up a set of the anti drone baffles.
  13. Sell the Pype Bombs, run the stockers for a bit until you scrape up the rest of the dough. The Roush kit is still one of the cheapest without going with an actual muffler delete kit.
  14. Guess you missed that thread.
  15. Yeah I did, haha.
  16. Haha is stating it minimally.. it was quite entertaining. To clear it up, Roush never gave the answer, but the consensus is that the Roush kit is made in America and sub contracted, but the tips are made in China.
  17. Damn, now I have to swap out my tips for Magnaflows! Wait, nah Im good. Anyone have a link to the thread, Im intriqued now.
  18. :lol:

    And YW for the avatar :D