Mii In A Movie.

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  1. Green go, yellow go very quickly..... "Starman" the II is the main car
  2. Thanks for sharing the movie link jozefsz. I could not beleive all the photos. I would never had guessed our MIIs were used so much in movies and tv. 8 Pages of photos. Seems that most all were coupes. Wonder why?
  3. That's a really good question! Ford did seem to make an insane number of coupes especially in 1974. Maybe that explains some of it. http://www.mustangii.net/sales_totals.asp

    I wish that half of those 8 pages of links didn't end with the II blowing up and burning to the ground. It's no wonder we have a hard time finding parts! :confused:

    Quite a few of those old movies are on YouTube, might make a good new year's day marathon.