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  1. Hey Everyone,

    My name is Michael Fortin and I’m the new sales and service representative here at UPR Products. Thought I would give you a little background on who I am as well as my experience within the industry.

    First off, I’m Canadian :canada:. I was lucky enough to find a lovely American girl to marry and settle down with. I have a BBA in Automotive Marketing and Management as well as a technical diploma in automotive mechanics.

    In my previous job, I was working as a Product Specialist with Audi of America during their US Autoshow circuit. I have had the pleasure of working with numerous top automotive manufacturers over the last several years and logged countless ride and drive events.

    In owning a 1995 Mustang GTS that produces close to 400 naturally aspirated HP, I am fortunate enough to have actual product knowledge. UPR has a strict policy of understanding and becoming user friendly with all of the items we manufacture. I will be able to provide actual tech support and will never read a "generic" answer from a booklet. I am proud to be apart of TEAM UPR as we are an elite group of actual racers and enthusiasts.

    Thanks to all for your support on the forums and please don’t hesitate to call Jeremy, Adam or myself for great service and pricing on late model parts and accessories.

    UPR Products
  2. welcome to the site