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  1. Really cool!
  2. :D

    That was a little while ago, but it's still a cool write-up. :nice:

    I really like the fact that I can pull up to an autoparts store and have someone recognize my car, or just tell someone about a part I need for the car, and they have said, "does it have a white hood?" I say yep, they say "I've seen that car on the internet!" LOL. And that came from a Chevy guy!

    I really like all the Emails I get. They come from around the world. Australia, Italy, Germany, England, Mexico, Canada,,, I mean everywhere!

    I love it.
    But it does require me to keep working and bettering my car. :bang:

    Thanks for the support!
  3. Hey, any detailed info on the Volvo swap?

    Appreciate it!

  4. I'm in Phoenix right now, I'll be making another trip to the welder when I get back. The head will then be modified for the external oil lines that will feed the cams.