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  1. Man boys the wife was outta town and got a cel on her expedition. Guess what she did? Took it to the ford house!! They charged 81 bucks to pull fn codes. Tried to tell er but she didnt listen. Ended up being a coil which I told er do not have em put it on. They wanted too much. Anyways 81 fn bux to pull codes. G.D. Dealerships

  2. You got off easy. My ex-wife's motto was, " I can't be overdrawn. I still have checks left." I kid you not.

    I tell my son, "you know what the most powerful force in the universe is?" Makes a man do just about anything.
  3. Noooooooooooo!!!!! :eek:
  4. hard liquor???
  5. no no no, thsts wrong. bacon!!
  6. Close. It usually follows the hard liquor, at least around closing time.

  7. The NFL. No wait... NASCAR... No... That's still not right. :scratch:
  8. You boys are all wrong. Well if you're single maybe but if you're married it's kinda like going through the drive thru: you wanna ahh I guess you wanna? Married sex best analogy I got: its the difference between hunting and going to grocery store. While the store is a steady meal it's always more fun to hunt. Single men, happy hunting
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  9. Can I join in the rant. Last month I bought my wife an 11' Fusion. Basically a new car to us. In less than a month, someone scrubbed the bumper in a parking lot, and today someone through a bucket out of their truck and it messed up the paint on the bumper. I am so sick of living in the south. That's two mess ups on the car in less than a month due to the carelessness of others. I can't wait to move out of Atlanta.

  10. makin' us look bad, dammitt where's the southern hospitality these days?? :shrug:
  11. Chivalry is dead, women killed it
  12. Also u live in big city south. Not population 7500 south
  13. I know. What's up with that? All chivalry has move to the midwest. I just got a job promotion in Detroit and I'm going to commute every week from Atlanta. Well, actually I'm thinking of driving up to Chatanooga every week to avoid the anus that is Hartsfield Jackson. Everyone says that the south is known for its hospitality. After living here almost my whole life while travelling all over America, I can honestly say that nothing is farther from the truth. The south is full of nothing but assholes and lazy people.

  14. I dont know that moving into Detroit will help you escape assholes, just a hunch. Now if you want to come on over to Iowa, we're all just a bunch of happy go lucky MFers.
  15. Texas isn't the south. Give it a go. But once again you can't compare houston to lovelady tx either. Well now that i think about it. It sucks everywhere these days. It's rough all over, no safe haven
  16. Yeah Detroit that's a vacation..... I hear the travel agents provide bullet proof vests
  17. Well before they went bankrupt. Now they give a couple of old phone books they have laying around
  18. Wayne County airport is half way between Detoilet and Ann Arbor. I could live in Ann Arbor and it'll be good. 21 miles from Milan drag strip. Not that I'll be able to hold test and tune night off, but at least there is hope.

  19. When I go south it is a great experience every time ... People in PA are just mean.. I can tell a difference

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