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  1. I live west of Atlanta, thats all I'll say, but Atlanta is a piss hole. Sorry, it is. Don't let Atlanta, or Macon, turn you away from Georgia. I don't know of many states better then here.

    Just my .02.

  2. Their school system rocks! :rock:



  3. See ya
  4. I dodged a microwave oven in the middle of the highway at 5:30am on my way into work today, WTF and who does that?
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  5. Kurt,

    God is great
    Beer is good
    People are crazy

    Nuff said

  6. So THAT'S where that damned thing went to! :scratch:
  7. Early this morning (2:00am) my 20 year old son was driving home from work(AMC theatre) said he accidentally cut off someone in traffic. This driver proceeded to ride him with his brights on for the next couple miles. My son slowed down to let him pass. When the driver pulled along side him rolled his windows down,flipped him off and got back behind him for a few more miles. My son then Stupidly got out of his car to confront him. Luckily the driver drove away. Could have gotten very ugly,very quickly. My sons a big kid and can handle himself but you never know what an evidently upset person is capable of.
  8. Lol. I typed that early this morning before going to bed. I realized my mistake, but was too tired to care. And honestly, I figured with some of the other grammatical scholars on here, no one would notice. Guess I was wrong :(

  9. I live out near Lake Alatoona, and it's not terrible out here. Unfortunately you inevitably have to go in and out of Atlanta for things. I travel all over the country for work, and the south definitely takes the cake for rude and lazy people.

  10. I was certain that all of the Rude and Lazy people lived in New Jersey. I really enjoyed my trip down to Commerce last year, never met nicer people hanging out at the local Walmart.
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  11. Nope. They all moved down here to Florida. Home of the Newly Wed and the Nearly Dead as I say.

  12. Hahaha... I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I even considered using "there" or "they're" instead of "their". :D
  13. The further North you go, the bigger A holes you meet. I always thought that southern people were very friendly. We always go to Chatanooga at least once a year. People there are very cool. That would be a helluva drive to Detroit every week Kurt. I wouldn't wanna do it.
  14. There's definately something too that. I can't stand New York or Newark. North Queens is just disgusting. I guess if you get into any big city there are rude people. The nicest people I meet are always in Missouri or Wisconsin, or some place like that.

    I lived in FL for 20 years, and there are definately a lot of lazy people there.

    I'll be flying up to Detroit every week. Thank god I don't have to make a 12 hour drive twice a week.