mil eliminators for 5.0

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by eberlein21, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. can anybody please tell me how to make mil eliminators for my 5.0?
  2. I may be wrong but you shouldn't need them. They are for the mod cars that have two sets. They are used when you need to trick/fool the puter into thinking they are working when u remove or add high flow cats instead of the factory set up. I am not sure on why they would be used on a 5.0.

    Anyone I am lost here.
  3. thanks for the info guys this should help me out
  4. remove the check engine light:shrug:
  5. Yes you could remove the check engine light, but that would be a major bandaid and not fix the real problem. The idea (as I understand it) of mil's is to fool the computer into thinking that you still have cats on a car that really doesn't have them. Since a fox doesn't have an o2 behind the second set of cats you can remove them with no real effects on your computers performance.
  6. ahh i never knew it tricked the computer like now i know:D
  7. The rear set of a o2's simply transmit a signal to the computer, it the signal is in range the computer does nothing, when u omit the cats the exhaust isn't superheated (as the purposte of cats is the heat the exhaust to burn off excess fuel) then the o2's get a different reading and flip the cel. By creating mil's you trick the computer into thinking the rear set is up to par or within the correct range at all times.