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  1. Anybody got any idea what kinda gas milage the Shelby is gonna get. :D
  2. If you have to ask, you can't afford one.
    No matter what the EPA #s come out at, I can assure you real world mileage for the GT-500 will be horrible.
  3. I know that the GT-500 has a gas guzzler tax attached to its window sticker. The gas mileage will be horrible. It's going to be funny to see what happens on the sale of these overpriced Mustangs when gasoline prices hit $4 and $5 a gallon by this summer/fall & winter.
  4. slightly OT - but

    I just read that Detroit & the EPA have been soft-soaping the MPG figures for years by running their test in a lab with a Dyno on a specially prepared car, never running anything above 60MPH.

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  5. And how many of these do you think will be daily drivers? Probably not many, and the people buying them probably will be able to afford the $50.00 or so a month it will cost to take them out on nice days.
  6. That depends. I think that 1/2 of the 2007 GT-500 Shelbys that will be sold will be everyday drivers.
  7. What you read is only partially correct.


    The EPA mileage test is run on a dyno and does not account for wind resistance. A/C is not turned on during the test. Max speed is less than 60 MPH (the test dates back to the 1970s when 55 was the national speed limit). The city test does not include enough time to accurately reflect typical city driving.

    Also true, the EPA test is too simplistice to accuratly give real world gas mileage #s. In particular the worst offenders are hybrids as they can really fool the EPA test. In the real world hybrids often get 20% - 40% lower mileage then the EPA test comes up with.

    False: There is collusion between "Detroit" and the EPA regarding the tests. Altough it is true that all manufacturers, US, Japan, Asia, Europe really don't want the EPA tests changed because they all know the EPA #s are usually better than reality.
  8. sri dble pst
  9. Your real-world gas mileage will always be worse than the EPA figures, but not necessarily by a wide margin. My Dodge Charger SRT8 is rated at 14mpg city. My last reading for pure city driving was 13.2 mpg and this was with the A/C running full time (though I was careful not to lead-foot it). But my car is naturally aspirated; a supercharged car may be more likely to fail to reach it's EPA ratings.
  10. Maybe it's just the people up here. But everyone I know who buys a $45k+ car. Has enough money to afford gas. Whether it be daily driver or not.

  11. The exact figure is 48MPH for which all MPG calculations are done. As you stated in a controlled enviornment without any loads on the motor (other than the tires)