Mileage Gauge And Radio Display Sims With Headlights On

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  1. Hi,
    I already checked the alternator at Auto zone, It's fine. During the day the mileage gauge and the radio display dims when I turn the headlights on. I have searched all over the internet. Plus when I took the cluster out the knob where there's some metal piece it was very hot. Maybe that's normal, Who knows. Thanks to whoever replies.
  2. I hear the grounds can cause dim dash lights.
  3. Yes that would make sense. Now where to start. HAHAHAHAHA Thank you! Maybe that can explain why my gas gauge needle acts funny and vibrates when down to 1/4. Not all the time though. Just had the sending unit and fuel pimp changed. Always something to figure out. Lol
  4. Ha-ha I always check the simple stuff first. I suggest using an extra 4g wire on the ground.
    Quote @Grabbin' Asphalt
    "Neg battery cable connects to block under the oil filter-ish area toward water pump. Stack the extra 4awg ground there and run it near the battery fenderwell beside the washer fluid refill. You will already see a small ground there, just stack it. The other is rear of the intake near pvc valve connects to firewall near the brake booster in the open."

    I have to give him the credit as I just learned this the other night.
  5. The ground by the firewall and intake is the one that helps with dash lights.
  6. This is excellent thank you for taking the time. I truly appreciate it. I'm happy to find some intelligent answers. I like the ones a person gets like "Take it to the dealership" HAHAHAHAHA Ya right. I won't do that till I'm REALLY desperate. Thanks again.
  7. No problem try it out and let us know.
  8. I will. I have a couple other things to first. It may be a while. Lol I just got the car a couple months ago and I'm going through it checking things out. I just got rid of a 2008 Dodge Avenger that was my first new car and my last. I've had used cars that ran better than that thing. So I went backwards and said screw it I'm buying an older Mustang. Thanks again.
  9. Alright have fun with your new baby.
  10. If you still have the stock 2g alternator, it's very common for dimming with lights, stereo, electric fan etc cause its just a weak charging system. If already upgraded recheck those grounds. But still plan for the upgrade if you haven't yet because of the stock plug fire hazzard:nice:
  11. Thanks and you also.
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  12. No kidding, Holy cow. I'll have to see if any of the service papers say whether it was replaced or not. I read somewhere about a 3 g. Is that the upgrade? Probably not. Thank you very much.
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I wrote I had the "Pimp" changed...HAHHAAHHAHA Ya and his old lady too.
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  14. Use the Stangnet sesrch " my 3g upgrade" has some pics of my melting plug. Then you can check yours and know what to look for.
  15. Thanks, Sounds like a great generator HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I appreciate the help.
  16. Wow! What a great find. See that's what I'm looking for in a forum, Everyone helps each other. If I know something I'm going to share it. Good work.
  17. Dont mean to thread jack, but im having a super hard time finding the ground that goes to the firewall....can someone please post a pic of it? I think thats where my ground issue is as well...

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  18. Oh I don't really care about highjacking, If you need help I understand that. When I want to solve something it can drive me insane. HAHAHAHA
  19. Well I'm speaking of a Fox mustang with the rear intake/firewall ground. I'm not sure if that applirs to '94-'95, I know there are some minor differeces however. TFI remote mounted etc, but on a Fox the rear intake bolt beside the pvc valve is where it connects, then it runs to a bolt on the firewallgoing towards the brake booster but out in the open. Many times people just have it missing.
  20. Mines a 96 gt....I noticed a bolt sticking up on the back side of my intake manifold that has nothing on it, looks like its backed out a little, and its directly in the middle behind the plenum...I doubt thats the location as the intake is plastic, but could that be the ground location?

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