35th Anniv Mileage on your "Limited" as of Feb 2004.

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. I stopped driving mine full time last July 5th,(got a beater) since then about 600 miles. :banana:
    All total 51,380.
  2. Only 600 miles? :eek: Why even keep the car if you can't enjoy it, I drive mine more than that! :D
  3. 124,000 Miles :)
  4. 99 35th ann.silver vert,5spd....14,600 miles!! It is for sale if anyone is interested.You can steal it for $15,300.It is mint and has $4000 in tasteful mods.NEVER IN RAIN OR SNOW..NEVER. :lol:
  5. Well, considering I drove it nearly every day for 3.5 years, I have enjoyed it. However, I got a beater for everyday use and I only drive it on nice days now. The thrill of driving it once every couple of weeks is great and I don't have to wash it every week anymore.
    I would have driven it this weekend, but it poured all weekend :notnice: and I have a gravel drive.
    Thats why.
  6. I'm still at 37,000 miles.

    And, "Yes" my car's still for sale too. :)
  7. I just turned 25,000. I have a winter beater and don't drive the stang everyday, so mileage has kept low. I drove last summer from Oregon to LA on a 2K round trip, so that helped put some well needed miles on it. I'm just debating right now whether to keep it or get a 03 or 04 Mach :shrug:

    I would miss having a vert, but the lure of the 4V might be enough to make it happen. It's in perfect condition almost, so I would hope to get at least around 12-13K for it from a private sale. When the 05's come out, it could be less?
  8. 78,000. Has been parked since August though. I am in Korea and my car is being stored at home. As of This sept, I will be shipping it to my next assignment in Italy and will probably get a beater and baby the stang.
  9. I have 59,000 on mine. I can't wait to break her out of winter storage.
  10. 25,532 on my 2000 GT, drive about 18 miles a day.
  11. Uh... :shrug: your 2000 GT isn't a "Limited", but :nice:
  12. Just turned 50,000 miles.....and getting nitrous on Sat. :)
  13. Got 60,700 on mine.
  14. My brother has about 18,000 miles on his silver 35th LE (I'm too lazy to walk out into the driveway and take a look.)
  15. about 25,000 on the first motor, about 2,500 on the 2nd.
  16. A little over 22.5K on mine. It's currently in the shop getting ported and polished heads, new intake, injectors, MAF, 6-point cage and will be ready for race season. Looking for low 12's. Still have almost all of the original parts.
  17. Just turned 50K on mine last week. I have only had it for about 9 months though.Trying to keep the miles as low as possible.
  18. 54,000 here, previous own beat the crap out of it, to bad my Mom fell for the "It was babied talk" :bang:
  19. I put 1000 miles on my Mach the first week I had it lol
  20. 64000 here, had it since November when It had like 62k on it. Great car.