Milk and watermelon

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  1. Can you eat a watermelon and drink milk at the same time? As a kid my mom always said you couldn't cuz you would get sick and die :lol: How true is that?:shrug:
  2. your mom was ****ing with you
  3. No till this day she tells us. Im thinking its just a myth passed on by her parents
  4. sweet i going to try that
  5. Let's get Eric to do it. If he streams poo from his right pant leg, we know it's bad.

    Lots of water and milk = catching up on stang mags while on the throne. :puke:
  6. thats was good!! im gonna email them
  7. You Bet You Can :nice:

    Just make sure you wait 3 hours to swim after eating it ;)

  8. and about that. why do they say wait an hour before swimming
  9. So you don't poop in the pool.
  10. for real?
  11. hahahaha.

    speaking of poop in pools I once was pissed off at a guy workin at one so I went to a vending machine got a O-Henery and tossed her in the deep that was awesome, the look of horror on peoples faces. :lol:
  12. While we're at it, I think the rule should be that kids shouldn't be allowed to go in the pool within an hour after drinking anything. :D At least we can see a processed hamburger floating around.

    My original comment was only for a certain member here - he seems to have difficulty with loose stools. :puke: :lol:
  13. one of the presidents died after eating milk and cherries in the 1800's. look it up
  14. lol^ but it wasn't a watermelon so MYTHBUSTED. Guero, you're mom is playing tricks with you gulible mind. I'm more Mex. than you and NEVER have I heard that.
  15. i think your guaranteed to puke if u drank milk while eating watermelon.
  16. who's going to be the ginuea pig and test this out? someone take one for the team
  17. I've had kiwi and ginger ale together once. Not a good idea.

    This thread is hilarious :rlaugh: