Mineral grey pics

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  1. I'm looking for pics of Mineral Grey cars, preferably with Aftermarket wheels. Looking to see whether to go with Black or Anthracite

    I dont see a lot of pics of Mineral Grey cars... the funny thing is it was like the most produced color...

    so any help would be appreciated.
  2. Here is a pic of mine....17x9 black bullits on front ,17x10.5 rear with 315's out back

  3. Not black or anthracite but I got these in the "Hypercoated" color from mustang tuning, sort of changes color between chrome and anthracite depending on the light



  4. superstang01 - nice.. whats down the middle of the door?

    Stingfish - They look good but I wish I could see it in person. They look almost silver from a distance cept a little shinnier.
    Where did you get the side scoop delete panels?
  5. Yeah the wheels you really have to see in person! Hard to capture the real color of em in photos. The bullitt side scoops I got new through the ford dealership. Cost a bit but I love the look.
  6. Figured I'd go ahead and show mine too just in case someone else is looking.


  7. That's the shopping cart door ding gaurd Ford usually puts on V6 Mustangs and the occasional GT.

    It's held on my double stick tape and looks much better removed
  8. Nice Rides! Here is a picture of my Mineral Grey 02' GT.


  9. Our cars look a lot alike! What tires do you have cause they even look the same!

  10. WoW! Pretty damn close...Their Cooper ZPT's. Is yours lowered?
  11. Mine are also the ZPTs lol. I bought it used and i think it might be a little bit cause it sits a lot lower than my friend's 2000 GT that is stock
  12. 000_0013.jpg [/QUOTE]

    the Hypercoated fr500 wheels look sick with the mineral grey!! :jaw:
  13. I notice you're running the Borla side exhaust kit Stingfish, but I'm curious, what side skirts are those? Your car is damn sexy. I have a dark shadow grey car, which is very similar in color, and I'm debating between 18" DD FR500s in hypercoat or getting some 05+ style 18x10 chrome Bullitt rears to match my 06 18" stock fronts.
  14. not my car and not aftermarket but i think it looks good

  15. astronut, the sideskirts are made by a company called Razzi, it's part of a body kit they call "R21"

    the exhaust is Steeda, basically the same as borla but the tips are more squarish shaped

    I think hypercoated would look better than chrome on a DSG though! also, i like the FR500's better than bullitts because of their added brake clearance:


  16. Well, my bullitts are kinda different, I'm running ones from an 06 GT premium package with wheel spacers. I like the look they give. I'm tossing it around, my girlfriend keeps rooting for the bullitts, but I love the look of the FR500. I don't know what to do lol....
  17. I always thought MG was a less common color. I know it was hard for us to find an 01 in MG
  18. It's definitely strange.. Apparently MG was the most produced color, but you don't really see very many of them..

  19. I haven't quite figured that out either. Up until I had gotten mine I hadn't seen any around where I live. then about a year after I saw a few more...but I really haven't seen too many.