Mineral grey pics

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  1. got any numbers to show that? Maybe that's for 02's and up.
  2. Those are all beautiful cars! Here's my baby. Pearl02.

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  3. We should make a mineralgreyregistry.com. We would have the fewest members, but the highest number produced..

  4. I really thought about trying to do that in the past. I think it would be a great idea.
  5. do ittttttttttt
  6. somebody definitely should!
  7. What springs are you using?

    I'll start a Registry but I'm not one of the most computer literate for starting a website.. Let me look into how to start it and I will.
  8. :drool:

  9. Most were probably V6 cars. It was weird cause I drove my car from CA to PA. Most people on the drive told me I had a nice car and they they hadn't seen an MG car before. I guess most MG cars were sold west coast? Seemed the farther east I went the less common they were.
  10. do you have a picture of the side of the car with no angle?
  11. unfortunately i do not, i'd take a pic right now but my car is filthy! brake dust and even bird crap on the front wheels :(
  12. quite a few MG's around here. I love the color though
  13. I just have stock wheels, but who doesn't love to whore out a few pics of their baby!!! lol

  14. Damn.. I'm the only one with a Vert?
  15. maybe there were very few MG verts made? Or maybe MG just looks better on coupes :D but i've always wondered what my car would look like if it were a vert..
  16. Pearl02, i just noticed you have tinted taillights, i really like the look of that... what did you use for it? vinyl or spray on?

    my rear end is a little too plain, i think tinted tails would be a nice subtle change
  17. Mine are too. I actually traded my plain ones to a guy that already had his tinted

    He said he got overlays, already precut for the taillights, from ninosport.


    I cant wait till I can install my springs and a light bar.
  18. here is two pics of my car....17x10.5 dd black bullits rear ,with 17x9 up front...just ignore the writing in the first pic ,was trying to make a sig but was unsuccessful haha:D


  19. The vert MG looks good. Theres one at a dealer here in Spokane and if I didnt have my coupe already I would probably buy it. I like coupes a lot though but my Mom has an 04 Orange v6 convertible and its definitely fun to drive.