Mini Spool in 9" rear......

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do or don't

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  1. Burn 2 strips, hop front tires, and have a blast?

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  2. Burn 1 long unlimited strip, save my front tires, and give up the extra bite?

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  1. Has anyone ever used a Mini Spool in their weekend warrior? I've got a 9" one-legger, and want a cheap posi rear, so I ordered a mini spool. I'm just concearned about my turning/cornering capabilities, and tire wear. I won't be driving this thing everyday, but will drive it a few times a week i'm sure. does anyone have any experience w/ the handling characteristics of a full-out posi/ mini spool rearend? thanks, Apsychotic

    Should I go for it, and have wheelie poppin' traction?

    Should I stick with my lame "Unlimited single rubber strip"
    and save my front tires?
  2. Have a spooled car in in the garage now and have had a few different ones in the past. I say find a posi or stay one legged if you plan to do much street driving, Car will wiggle and jerk around anything tighter than a gentle curve with the spool, and they can be a real pain in the rain and snow.

    There isn't that big a gain in traction with a posi or spool if you are using regular street tires. There is an improvement but not all that much. With a specialty tire there is a larger gain to be had.

    Mount the battery over the passenger rear tire and pre-load the same tire with an airshock or air bag should work better than a spool with street tires.

    But if it doesn't bother you and you are aware of the turning issues then a spool can be fun at times. .02 cents
  3. why not a locker?
  4. Life would probably be easiest with a locker of some kind instead of a spool.
    I did some researching a little while ago (found a rear that has everything I wanted except for a spool). Most people were telling me to get a locker of some kind instead. Spools tend to push you around corners and as such chew up tires. You'll lose some turning radius when you go to park. And there will be a hell of a "fun" time in wet conditions. Not to mention the spool puts quite a bit of stress on the axles. But there were people out there that had spools on the street and didn't think anything about it.
  5. Why not a locker?

    Well, the main reason I would be using a spool vs. a locker is $$$. that's it. If I had the funds, I'd go with a locker or posi unit, but I have a 9mo. old baby girl, and that limits the II funding!
  6. How much does a spool go for these days? I have seen more than one used trac loc go for $150 or less. I sold one for $80 a few months back :shrug:
    I have a line on another used one if you want me to check it out just let me know.
  7. Use the spool it will work fine, its hard on the front tires but its better then a unpredictable locker or a unlimited slip!!!!
  8. Thousands warned against it, but I put a mini spool in the 8" as a stop-gap measure until I could afford a lock-right posi unit. After a summer of repeated relentless beatings everthing is fine. (besides the C4) I do not plan on removing it.It tracks fine in the rain and I never felt it to be dangerous or un-safe. On really tight corners or while parallel parking is the ony time you here the tires scrubbing. Tripple digit speeds through the twisties with no problems. Tire wear is reasonable (for a 400hp II anyway) :D EXCEPTION In the rain on the grass (A.K.A at a car show) I thought I was going to need to be air-lifted!!!!!!! It would not track straight and was doing strange feeling donuts. Felt like the car was on a turn table!
  9. The stock car mini spool for the 8" or 28 sline 9" (same) was only like $100.00 :canflag: A.K.A $50.00 :flag: