Minor SVT complaints

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  1. Has anyone a clue as to why on the SVT line of Cobras they let some simple creature amenties go. Three things that get to me, not becasue i need them but as to why they left them off are:

    Power windows that retain power until the door is open. My 99 F150 has it and wife rented a 04 'vert v6 and it had it.

    Radio power retain until door open, just another lil convience item i think

    Cruise light on dash when engaged and lighted buttons on steering wheel for cruise.

    I have seen these on other fords and I thought that SVT was the flagship line, the ultimate in performance and comfort.

    Just wondering as to why Ford deletes these items that take up no more space or weight, but gives me a lighted mirror on the drivers side?

    OK done b#itching....

  2. uhhhh svt is the ultimate in performance......comfort? that's a new one....most people that drive svt sacrifice comfort for performance.....that's the nature of the beast
  3. :owned:
  4. I consider standard all leather comfort, i.e leather seats all around, the shift knob, steering wheel, ect. full power bolsters in seats (drive a GT and you feel like you are sitting on a airplane jump seat).

    I'm not comparing it to a loaded Crown Vic here....just if it is going to be top of the line Mustang, BE top of the line, especially if it dosent infringe on performance. I dont want to beat :chair: this to death, just an observation...

    things that make you go hummmm...
  5. your .02 is about .02 short :stick:
  6. ya i agree with what you said but remember its a ford not a BMW
  7. I agree with that totally, i just think that if it is available on a "lesser" Ford it would just be assumed it would be on a SVT. I know SVT is all about performance enhancements but, at 30,000+ a lil creature comfort should be afforded...lol
  8. the seats suck for comfort, but thank god they got it right on the 03/04 cobras and even the 01 was pretty good, but my 99 seats look cool, but u practically fall out of them , but id say u sacrifice comfort for performance with svt, the best word to describe them is RAW
  9. HA!

    Hell....those are way too picky

    How about the on/off lever for the vents? I heard they deleted that in later cobras. NOt sure if thats true or not

    How about.....

    Foglights that dont leak....heck lights that dont leak......seats that dont sqeek, windows that dont sqeal, non defective tires, getting the alignment right from the factory, rears that dont pop.....rear diffs that dont come apart after a few years (bolts just all come loose), pulleys that dont snap (and are made in Canada)

    HOw about getting all that right FORD!?!?!?! :flag:

    I know i know...its all about the money.... Fact is the IMPS are beating out domestic vehicles because they offer better quality for less money! Fords doing it the AMERICAN WAY :bang: :flag:

    Im still debating whether to buy a Ford or a Dodge to tow my car to the track. I want to start towing it so if something breaks I can get it home and not wait4 hours for AAA
  10. ....

    Bets way to describe SVT and Ford in general is in one word.....


    I might actually look at some of the IMPS to tow my car with...thats sad though...
  11. I can see his point, but they are minor . I do agree with the cruise control light though, would be nice. :rolleyes:
  12. I agree. I started my car up this morning, came to a stoplight, ficked the turn signal bar down, and it didn't start blinking till a few seconds after! I mean WTF is that? :shrug: :bang: I get little reminders that my car is a Ford every now and then. Getting into my moms 04 G35-C is like stepping out of a '95 Civic and into an '04 Acura TL.
  13. The cruise control lights would be nice, but I've come to memorize the location and feel of the buttons. ie...raised button is off, recessed button coast and the..... oh wait...hmmm, yeah lights would be nice. :D
  14. screw it I'd give up AC for another 15 horsepower :lol:
  15. The real question is how much extra would you pay for those extras. Since no mustangs have lights in the cruise control buttons. Then Ford would need to engineer that.
    Power windows before the door opens. While I have faced this a couple times. Is it all that hard to put the key back in the ingnition?
    Radio power retain until the door opens. I'm not sure what the issue with that is. Most people I know turn off the radio before they get out of the car. Is this a new trend I am unaware of?
  16. Since they are on my 99 F150 i will explain. they steering wheel is wired already, they are nothing more that back lit, and have been engineered already, back in 99 at least.

    Power to windows after key is removed, before door is open: you turn the key off, get ready to get out and wife says, "oh honey, my window is down again...just a convience.

    Same with the radio, you turn the car off, ready to get out, your favorite Steppenwolf song comes on, what do you do, you sit there with you hand on the key waiting for song to end, leaving the car running just to hear "magic carpet ride" one more time. You can shut it down, listen to the radio, roll down the window, sing along for all the world to hear, roll it back up, all with out haveing to shut off the car and switch to accessery position on the ignition, missing precious lyrics all the while.

    I know these are minor things in life when you have a high HP car under your seat, but lets face it, the tech is out there, we own the top of the line Mustang, why would it be omitted but standard on a taurus ( i am guessing here).

    How many people get in your mustang for the first time and go "oh, not alot to it in here is it?", "kinda plain" (granted by third gear they are sayin "Hell yea!!"

    I never thought i would talk about something so much... :scratch:
  17. Find something else to gripe about man....this is sad. Moaning over lighted cruise control switches. If you use cruise control on your mustang you are wrong in the first place. If you want convenience go buy a BMW. You knew what you were buying

  18. Not so; SVT is supposed to be the top of the heap all around, not just in performance. There are supposed to be no sacrifices in an SVT product.

    My wife's SHO has several amenities my Cobra does not; power windows retaining power until the door is opened, cruise light on the dash, climate control, 6 disc changer, etc. It's not an SVT failing; it's a Mustang failing. These are all things not available on the Mustang, period. If automatic climate control were available at all on the Mustang platform, it would be in the Cobra.

    The only Mustang option not available in a Cobra is an automatic, God bless 'em. :flag:
  19. I use my cruise control every day. :shrug:
  20. I don't buy it. You can say svt is supposed to be this or svt is supposed to be that but why do people buy cobra's? P E R F O R M A N C E bottom line