Minor SVT complaints

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  1. One thing you got to hand to ford... they make a good diesel truck. It would be hard to get a truck as good as a diesel F250 or higher

    Then there is also the Lightning that is a pimp Tow vehicle. Don't try to do that with the SRT-10, it can't tow

  2. You guys know the 1940's looking knob to turn on the headlights on the 96-98 Cobras? Mine has broken off twice. I didn't yank it, just pulled it back normally. I have to mess around with the knob to coax it back on...it sure is ugly too.

    I think my left blinker is short circuiting. Not only does it not come on sometimes at first, but it will go a little crazy then resume normal blinking. Im embarrassed to use my left turn signal now! Never had these problems or any of the mechanic problems i've had with the Ford with my old Maxima. S-V-Gay. :notnice:
  3. I did not know that the f-150 and the mustang share the same steering wheel. I thought it was mustang specific. interesting.

    I solve the problem of someone leaving the window down 2 ways. First I don't usually have passengers. 2 I roll up both windows before I turn off the car. Generally speaking I have the A/C on so noone rolls down the window much anyway.

    As far as the radio is conecerned. If I hear a good song come on the radio. I turn the key just a little. And the engine dies but I still have power. I don't miss any lyrics. Though maybe this is just a little quirk of my car only.

    I guess I understand your point. But it is kind of lost on me. Since I don't suffer from the same issues. My problems are little more troubling (Car has a supercharger kind of whine. Without having the supercharger). But I am very happy with my car. And even converted a Chevy guy to buying a Cobra. With only one ride in my car. :nice:
  4. Certainly that's why they buy them, but they're not stripped-down cars, they're all loaded. Cloth interior is like hen's teeth. The Cobra is Ford's ultimate Mustang, not a fast, basic car like the LX's were.
  5. This is really really minor considering just a couple years ago all the SVT guys were crying about a Chevy Z28 being faster than a top of the line Cobra. Ford fixes that and now you guys are griping about these little......things (for lack of a better word)? Please. The cobra has always been this way. In my year they didnt even have cruise control in the Cobra (while the GT did) so what now? :p
  6. I dont know if the word "supposed" fits quite right in that statement, seeing how as the 93 was the original example of the SVT concept. See above example.
  7. Well, here's the Ford/SVT media release, straight from the horse's mouth:


    Excerpt (Core Values):

  8. I agree with both sides. I totally got my Cobra because it lights a fire in my ass when I stomp on it. Although.... I understand these "comforts". I too would like to have a more comfy seat (which is why I plan on swapping 03 Cobra seats in my 96), and cruise control......... I use it when Im doin 85 on I-90 and I-355, but other than that, my foot is doin the work, not a damn cable. I would like to have nicer looking HVAC knobs and center console (which is why Im buying the Steeda dress up items) See, these things can be solved with add-ons, and if you REALLY want a lighted cruise buttons, fabricate them.... dont **** about it, DO something about it, I am. I plan on making my whole dash red backlit instead of that ugly green. So I understand where your commin from... but just fix it, or dont whine (unless its commin from the supercharger! WOOOO!)
  9. Brother...I am far from whining...I am just sayin why does a V6 stang have options that SVT does not, and why does my pig of a F350 stakebed dullie have things SVT does not. I am just wondering why Ford would have a Speciality line of car and trucks (SVT) and not pull out all of the stops, using everything they've got on the shelf.

    I am just confused as to Fords thinking.....
  10. b/c we don't like paying $32,000 as it is....how much can you come to expect from that? It's about performance as said before.....if you want comfort or conveinance go buy a minivan

  11. Take a nice long ride in an 03 or 04 Cobra and see how comfy those seats really are .
  12. haha yeah I bet, But SVT makes these cars for one reason and one only.... HAULIN ASS and LOOKING GOOD WHILE DOIN IT!
  13. As far as seat comfort, the seats in my 97 are like dream cushions. Much more comfortable than my old Maxima, then my moms 2k4 g35, and my dads 2k3 4Runner. If I have to ride in a cheap Ford cabin, at least i'll ride comfortably. ;)
  14. I don't think it's asking a lot nowadays for these little extras. Technology nowadays makes it cheap to do and if they are to compete with other makes they should put a few extra conveniences in their top of the line models that are common in a standard vehicle these days.
  15. Glad you are not a Ford Executive, with that thought process the more expensive it is the less it should have.

    So i guess with the minivan comment you have striped the power window motors, radio, and power seats, rear window defroster, floor mats and those heavier than hell coat hooks in the back, you know...all in the name of performance?

    Heaven forbid a mustang have any comfort and convience, unheard of!!!!! I know how all us SVT guys are so tough and rough..eatin nails and crappin steel wool types that we are, we laugh in the face of comfort right? These cars aren't purpose built for Nascar man. :damnit:
  16. Not sure on the radio off hand but I know my 01 L keeps the windows powered until the doors are opened.
  17. seriously, if this is this big of a deal to you... buy some L.E.D.'s and drill some holes, get some clear plastic and make the steering wheel light up man, but I would rather pay attention to the car that is eating my dust.....

  18. lol....just be thankfull you don't drive a Camaro. The interior is even cheaper than the Mustang and you cant see the hood from the drivers seat and the seating position is ackward IMO. I get accustomed to my Cobra and am happy with it, that is until I get into my moms G35. Then I come back to my car with a whole laundry list of complaints. :D
  19. You just made my point(but, instead of chopping up my cobra i would just use off the shelf buttons from the ford dealership from any number of Ford cars that has them standard, unlike my $32,000 top of the line cobra)

    I shouldnt have to do that if i truely needed them, Ford should have done it anyway....NOW MY POINT IS THIS!!! i can care less what i need to do to make it like that, i am just confused as to why Ford wouldn't use already enginered products on the High level SVT line
  20. This is not meant as a harrassing comment.

    The SVT Cobra is based on a mustang. Since the mustang did not get this feature or any other feature that people think should have some on it. SVT likely did not feel like taking the extra time, money, and engineering to put them into the Cobra. Do I know the reason they did this? No, but they did it.