mirror removal

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  1. I want to replace my mirrors with 2003 cobra mirrors. Anyone know what is involved with removing and installing. I have the mach 460 systm I figure that I have to remove the speaker ( I also need to know how to remove the speaker) and the mirror bolts should be there . well any advice is appreciated Thanks
  2. subscribing ... I am in same boat ...

    (redlordamazon - I just sent you a PM to request a brain dump from you on the subject. Also, this might be a good thread for the SVT forum if this thread does not attract much Stangnet wisdom. Just a thought...)
  3. The speaker (tweeter) cover separates at the interface between the fabric-covered and plain black plastic sections. I use a flat blade screwdriver to pry at that interface where it will not show . . the lower front corner ot the "triangle". The black plastic protrudes slightly there, providing a leverage point for the screwdriver.

    Once the cover starts to separate, work it off all around and set it aside in a safe place.
    Now, remove the recesssed Philips screw, and the speaker assemply will pull (or fall) off. Use a pocket screwdriver to release the speaker connector, pull it off, and store the speaker assembly with the cover.

    The mirror mounting screws are located behind the speaker. However, as I recall, to get at the mirror motor connector to unplug it, the door trim panel must be removed as well. Do you need instructions for the door panel removal?