Misaligned Windows?

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  1. Hi all, I just got a 98 mustang convertible gt from my folks in need of some minor repairs. I already have odometer cluster gears and a new windshield cowl trim ordered and working on getting rid of the paint transfer/scratches...

    The problem I'm looking at right now is the front passanger windows and the rear quarter windows don't seem to be matching up, either like the front windows are pushed out wards too far or the rear quarter windss are pushed too far inwards. There is a noticeable gap where they should meet, and I'm afraid it might let water in. Any ideas on how to go about troubleshooting/fixing this?

    Also, the driver side front window seems to be leaking around the seal at the top which is connected to the top. I'm Guessing this is from the seal being deteriorated and just needing to be replaced.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Try closing the door with the window...actually pressing on the top corner of the window to close the door...I have a 96 vert and it does the same thing, you can adjust the windows but its a PITA...

    Also, if you're replacing the cowl because of discoloration, a $5 can of plastidip worked amazibg on all of my trim...it layed a lot better than regular spray paint and looks so much better than that ugly faded grey/black...

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  3. I figured I would reply with what I found what was wrong, in case anyone has this same problem in the future... The seals/weatherstrip on the roof have stiffened to the point where they don't "give" and block the window from assuming its correct position when closing the door. If I lower the window then raise it back up, the window will seat correctly. When shutting the door from outside I can manually ease the window into the correct position. I'm pretty sure this same issue is causing the leak, and I'm assuming the correction will be replacing the seal/weatherstrip component.

    creek, thanks for the response as well :) As for the cowl trim, it's shattered and cracked pretty badly, hence the replacement part ordered.
  4. He has a vert. Those are for coupes.
  5. I had issues with a gap towards the top of my passenger window. I ended up taking the upper stop for the rear of the window out, and gluing in a shim, so that it would stop a bit lower. I also had to dremel out the slot, so that I could pull in the window a bit, along with adding a washer to the bottom rail mount, to help change the angle of the window. There clearly was not enough slop in the mounting to adjust the window.