Misc. 68 mustang parts Orig,new,used

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  1. i have a bunch of Misc parts that i am trying to get ride of. some are new some are used some are the original parts!
    - 289 Fan- Orig
    - 3 Speed shifter handle- Orig
    - Engine pulleys- Orig
    - V8 Single Exhaust parts- New
    - Steering box- Orig
    - Alternator- used
    - Intake manifold- Orig
    - 2barrel Carb- orig
    - Edlebrock Performer Intake Manifold + 600CFM Performer Carb- Used
    - Starter- Orig
    - Front Brake Drum Ass. Complete- Orig
    - Front Coil Springs Lowering- New
    - Monte Carlo Bar- New

    if you have any interest please reply thanks!
  2. What are u asking for the monte carlo bar?
    $$$ + shipping to San Jose, CA 95111
  3. $10 i need to research shipping costs
  4. anywhere from $13-17 rough Est. i dont have exact weight yet
  5. I'll take the Monte Carlo bar if he passes...is it curved or straight?
  6. it is curved! hey nugget how does the car ride/handle lowered like that? no rub issues? i need to get final weight on the bar, and i will reply when i do
  7. my sig is a photo shop...I really need to add that to my sig, every body comments on that. I wish that it was that low. I am working on getting it like that though...just let me know on the mote carlo bar...
  8. LOL ok.. mine was that Low! but there was no way to drive it and forget about aligning it! i will let u know about the bar. leave your email address and i can contact u direct
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.