Misc '94 Mustang GT parts for sale.

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by TheRedBlur, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. My stang was stolen and totaled. :(
    I ran a best of 13.0 at 107MPH spinning the tires in second.
    Driveline is for sale:

    edelbrock motor, tuned (sct switchchip)
    Stock trans w/ mccleod kevlar sprung clutch and pro 5.0 shifter
    alum. driveshaft

    wheels and tires are good:
    99 cobra wheels 17X8 forged w/ bridgestone so3 up front and firestone firehawks in rear (245 and 275 section widths)
    I have 6 yokohoma road race slicks that'll go with it

    rear suspension has MM panhard and MM coilovers, pretty sure front coilovers and cc plates are shot (MM).

    I'm so bummed out about this, I just want to sell the whole package for $2500.
    I also have a '93 timing cover if you want to transplant.

    dyno tuned on a mustang dyno at 293tq/292hp w/ safe tune
  2. damn bro sorry to hear..

    did they catch the guy or did you just find it like that?
  3. :scratch:
    Why isn't classifieds regional anymore?
    I don't want to sell my mustang and her parts to some person across the country!
    I'm sort of sentimental, so I'd rather sell locally.
  4. The specify that you only want to seel your stuff locally in your ad? :shrug:

    People make things harder than they need to be sometimes. :scratch:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.