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  1. I have a few things left over from my car....

    two Chrome, bullet, side view mirrors...$100 shipped

    COmplete guage cluster from a 66 mustang...not a sweeping one. with stock Gauges..$100 + Shipping. All of these gauges were working when in the car. They have been out for 2 years now.

    Engine to trans seperator plate....$5

    May have a chrome powdercoated earlystyle 289 timing chain cover....$100+ shipping

    as more parts pop up...I will post them up.
  2. bullet mirrors

    Are the mirrors still available? Are these for 65-66 Mustang?
  3. Still available. They are for 65-73 mustangs
  4. Is the drivers side mirror a 'remote'?
  5. no remote mirrors
  6. are these mirrors standard pattern or the smaller screw pattern when attaching to the door?
  7. I have no clue. It has been years since i ordered them. I got them from NPD. I think they were the only ones listed.
  8. gaskets?
  9. I will check and see if they are in the box this weekend. If not, its not difficult to cut out your own.
  10. PM Sent.

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