Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator off of ebay!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by fish254, May 27, 2007.

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  1. i thought the fluidyne was a 3 core??
    our stock radiators are an alumn. 2 core
  2. According to the Fluidyne catalog, the ones for our cars are a 2 row.
  3. does this radiator atleast have more capacity?
  4. I believe it has more fins per square inch.
  5. so any updates on the effects of cooling?

    you guys experiencing lower coolant temps as a result of the radiator swap?

    is this radiator any bigger than the stocker?
  6. so this may be more of a replacement than an upgrade i take it?
  7. that's exactly what i'm trying to figure out.
  8. that thing is more than a stock replacement. It looks IDENTICAL to my fluidyne and should cool just like it. This is superior to the summit radiator because this one has all the STOCK mounting points on it alread without having to fabricate something in order to use it!
  9. sweet! thanks for the reply.

  10. Do you own both radiators? I'm trying to figure out if it's as thick/deep as a fluidyne.. I need to get a good radiator to cool my Cobra on the roadcourse, and am getting ready to drop the $380 on a fluidyne unless someone can post up measurements and temp differences.
  11. Im ordering one friday. So if you can wait a little while, I can measure the whole thing, see how it fits, etc, etc.
  12. id love to be convinced its better then an oem replacement
  13. Well, Ill let you know. Althought just an OEM replacement would probably be better than the one i currently have.
  14. whens urs comin in??
  15. Im not ordering it till I get paid friday.
  16. Im probly gonna order one friday or soon after friday also.
  17. Well I purchased one from the EBAY listing on the 27th of May, and now its the 5th of June and I have yet to recieve it:shrug: I called thier shop and after they had to research my order number ( 7 minutes on hold), they told me the radiator will be drop shipped from the dealer, this was said to me last Friday. They were also going to call me back with a tracking number, and I have yet to get that either:shrug: Hopefully it shows up soon.

  18. Nail hit on head. I'd also like to know.

    This radiator didnt look as thick as the normal two core universals (which for most would probably not be a bad thing - I'm pretty tight to the water pump with my fan motor). But if you live in the desert or the SE, you cant get away with stuff that northerners can.
  19. Here is the size for the Mishimoto

    Core Size: 609mm x 398mm
    Rows: 2
    Inlet: 38mm
    Outlet: 45mm
    Core Thickness: 52mm
    Tank Wall Thickness: 2mm

    Fluidyne ?
  20. Fluidyne:

    Radiator Style: Crossflow
    Overall Width (in): 30.500 in.
    Overall Height (in): 17.270 in.
    Overall Thickness (in): 2.400 in.
    Row Quantity: Dual-row
    Radiator Finish: Polished
    Radiator Material: Aluminum
    Core Height (in): 17.060 in.
    Core Thickness (in): 2.090 in.
    Core Width (in): 24.500 in.

    (52 millimeters = 2.04724409 inches) So it seems the core thickness is the exact same?

    I'm looking fowards to hearing how much better it cools.
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