Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator off of ebay!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by fish254, May 27, 2007.

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  1. seems the thickness between the two is almost exactly the same, however:

    the Moshimoto, by my calculations using Google conversions, is a couple inches less wide and less tall.

    would that make a huge difference between the two *cooling wise*? both are dual-row and as thick as eachother..
  2. I dont know if it would make that much of a difference. Such a small part of out radiators actually GET air forced in them.
  3. good point.
  4. im gonna call fluidyne today with the stats of this and see if they can talk me into one of theres... i need to get one or the other cause i can't even drive my car right now
  5. Please let us know what fluidyne says. I need to get one also.

    Hey let's try and get a group buy from both company's. :rolleyes:

    How many stang netters would buy one?
  6. i'd def be down for a group buy!

  7. the Moshimoto's Core is 2" shorter in each direction... I wouldn't expect it'd make a huge difference...
  8. alright! let's group-buy that sukker!
  9. Id be down for a Mishimoto group buy. I cant afford a fluidyne lol. But I need a new rad ASAP. I hate not being able to use my A/C and teh heat index was around 105* today. :notnice:
  10. talked to fluidyne today and they were very helpful... as u guys know the stats are lookin like this...

    Fluidyne: 2 row
    24.5in wide x 17in tall x 2in thick

    Mishimoto: 2 row
    24in wide x 15.6 tall x 2in thick

    I told him that i was debating on one of two radiators and asked him how much the difference in core diminsions would effect performace... he said the diminsions go in importance like so
    1. face area
    2.and thickness

    he said that the difference in face width between the two may effect cooling by (he's guessing) 3-7 %

    250 more bucks for 7% cooling??? i dont know
    i just dont wanna buy a radiator that won't cool my supercharged, new motor
  11. i think i may be down for a group buy if this moves fast
  12. $250 for possibly running 15 degrees cooler:shrug: it may be worth it to some
  13. Fluidyne is 24.5in wide x 17in tall = 416.5 sq in

    MM using the earlier 609mm x 398mm = 23.75in wide x 15.68in tall = 372.4 sq in

    The % increase from 372.4 to 416.5 is 11.8%. So you have 11.8% more cooling area in the Fluidyne.

    If you use the figures someone wrote for the MM 24in x 15.6in = 374.4 sq in. The % increase of the Fluidyne would be 11.24% .

    Just thought I would throw this out, I don’t know how much difference it would make. I was going to get a MM but now I’m thinking Fluidyne.:shrug:

    TURBOSNAKE95 --- Are you going to the Mustang Roundup in Bellevue on Sunday July 15th? If so I want to check out your car!:nice: I can also see how the MM radiator has worked out for you.
  14. I'm going to the Mustang Roundup in Bellevue on Sunday July 15th:D
  15. damn if that forumla's true ud be gettin 20 degree's better coolin with the fluidyne... i think that just justified me buyin it
  16. I took those pics for you of my fluidyne, i will email them to you as soon as i get a chance.
  17. One thing to remember with the percentage comparisons:
    A semi truck's radiator has 2000 times more SA than a Mustang radiator. Does that mean the mustang would run that many factors cooler with a semi truck's radiator? Nope.

    I'd bet if we ask the guys with 31x19 radiators, they are not running whatever percent cooler than guys with 27x19 radiators (kind of a diminishing-returns type thing once you reach a certain size).

    What we'd need to figure out (thermal dynamics people) is how much heat rejection in terms of surface area and coil thickness is enough.
  18. Since the same amount would get proper air flow (through the grill) that would play a very important factor too right?
  19. I serously doubt it's be 10-20* difference between the two, If I were to guess I would say around 4-10* difference maybe.

    Im probly ordering one of these tommorrow or saturday.
  20. there would be no difference between the two if you notice the ac condensor is right in front of the radiator so there would be the same amount of air going into the radiator.

    also my fluidyne was cooling the same as my oem one but on the highway it cooled better, but in traffic when the fan comes on it cooled the same, but when I lowered the fan settings it cooled better.

    just my opinion.
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