Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator off of ebay!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by fish254, May 27, 2007.

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  1. so how do we go about getting a group buy on the MM piece?
  2. Eric, I agree about the amount of coil suscepted to air flow. There is some cooling to be had from simply running coolant through the coil even if the coil is shrouded (more of a heat sink effect) but nothing that matters much.

    For the group buy, I would not say another word without getting an admin involved (Tim would be my go-to guy). Or maybe Paul can help (I think it has to be admin but I could very well be wrong). I cant remember the rules on group buys but I remember it being a touchy subject in the past (I can't remember why though).
  4. Look me up. See you there:nice:
  5. I looked into various options when my h/c/i upgrade forced my little GT beyond
    what the oem radiator could deal with. btw... at that time I was using reduced
    temp values in the pcm for fan settings so it was obvious that the increase
    in horsepower was a direct cause for the increase in ect.

    anyway .........

    I looked at so many threads in my research where peeps had done Griffin, Fluidyne, Ron Davis, and all the rest :crazy:

    Bottom Line is ... some said it helped and others said it did not.

    So many things can be in play here :eek:

    1) Location

    Take me and JT for instance ... Texas and Arizona
    We got many northern folk who really don't get those high temps

    2) That little air dam thingie under the front snout of the car

    Many don't even know it is supposed to be there

    3) We could list so many other things that might cause issues which
    could render a nice pretty shiny larger Aluminum radiator to be

    4) The pcm
    Guys ... Ford set up those values in that little silver box where it tries
    its damdest to keep the ect at a level most of us would find hotter
    that we would like.

    I would submit to you that this is one case where the pcm is gonna
    most likely be somewhat counter productive to the radiator upgrade
    effort to reduce normal engine temps :(

    Just thinking out loud :D

    OH YEAH ... I've used the following for cooler temps in my Stang :)

    Fluidyne radiator
    Stewart high volume water pump
    180 degree thermostat
    Air dam thingie in place
    Reduced temps pcm fan settings

  6. I wish those were around when I bought my universal summit radiator. I had to make mounting brakets, did some welding and I still need to make a shroud for my fan to fit..... not to mention, yours even looks better than the summit one. Mine was $40 less..... but it cost me about 2 hours more work....
  7. anyone know the answer to this?
  8. I ordered one earlier, so when I get it Ill try and let you guys know what you want to know about it.

  9. I don't think there are any weight savings. The stock one has a very thin aluminum core and plastic tanks. The bigger core of the aftermarket ones will also hold more coolant so that will add weight also.

  10. Hello Forum, Thank you to those who have ordered from us and have posted online. I am in the process of contact the forum about sponorship so that i can abid by all their rules and not step on any toes. In the mean time while that is being worked out, if a group of members would like to do a group buy. I will be more then glad to host one. At this time, you will need to call our office untill i can agree and setup something formal on this forum. If a member want to take this in their own hands, ill be happy to talk to them about it. (850) 791-6459

    On May 29th, Mishimoto launched their new sponorshp with Mike Roush's mustang. Since this time the stock of radiators we held nationwide went pretty quick. They currently are on a nationwide backorder for roughly 21-28 days. This would be a great time to get a group buy together.

    Mike K
    KTeller Inc

    Mike Rousch's 1998 Mustang Cobra

  11. Hello Mike. I just talked to you on the phone not too long ago. Thank you for the fast response. :nice:

  12. Not a problem, feel free to give us a call anytime during our hours if you need anything.
  13. Hey Mike, everyone is trying to figure out how these compare to a Fluidyne. can you fill us in on how they hold up to one?
  14. thanks for posting up, Mike!

    i'm definately going to keep an eye out for the group buy!
  15. man look at that car, no wonder its going so fast, look at all those stickers. :D

    Thanks for chiming in these people would debate forever about getting a radiator if it weren't for you. :nice:
  16. +1:nice:
  17. Interested
  18. Once it's kosher on this side, I can just make a sticky thread temporarily, for the duration of the purchases. Interested parties jump on board. A window of time is set in place for accepting orders. Once the "class" of interested parties orders their products, that group buy is officially over.

    This all sounds stodgy and dry, but it's the "tech" behind the group purchases I've seen on this site. Let me know if any of you have any questions. My line's always open.
    I'm all ears.
    It was once a very touchy subject due to conflict of interest issues with the sister site of StangNet, www.partshopper.com. Additionally, there are paying sponsors who offer multitudes of products and sponsor the site to promote their product lines--mutual benefit in advertising.
    Mike, please advise of your interests in supporting the community any time. Here is a page that supplies the pertinent regarding this matter:

    I appreciate your forwardness and respect of our current supporting sponsors before just leaping into action and reaping benefit without paying "the dues" of participation.
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